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Wouldn’t It Be Great If Our Political Leaders Understood Christ As Lord?

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As a quick scan of our political culture makes painfully plain, “We the People” have wandered (or run) far from many of the fundamental truths necessary to the pursuit or maintenance of true peace, prosperity, and freedom. We’ve wandered so far into the darkness that nothing short of divine intervention can save us.

Thankfully, God is providing just that.

In this dark hour, one of the fundamentals most in need of correction is the confusion that we have about government.

Contrary to popular State (and pop culture) promoted opinions, civil government (the State) is not “The Government” any more than family government or church government is “The Government”. The Government is Jesus, who personally defines and sustains each of the lesser, limited spheres of authority established by, for, and beneath Him.

If we would embrace this one fundamental (and quite unshakable) truth about how reality operates everywhere in God’s creation, we’d have taken a first necessary step toward truly making our land and its culture great.

This is where the Capitol Ministries mission comes in, and where I am thankful to play a role in Nashville.

With a mandate to “make disciples of political leaders” in political capitols across the world, the CapMin family is committed to bringing serious, deep Bible study and discipleship into the political realm. For my part, I prepare weekly studies and share them with General Assembly members, staff, and anyone else who might be active on the political scene in Nashville.

In this week’s study, we began a three-part examination of the role and nature of government as defined biblically. For those who are interested, here’s the guide that we used this week:

So far, the guides have served well as a path to interactive conversations, which is the goal. I’m not so much aiming for straight read-through material as I’m trying to initiate and loosely guide back-and-forth conversation, so this material won’t read like the typical article or book. Still, I thought you might enjoy and appreciate it, so I wanted to share it here.

Please pray that these studies continue to go well and that God would use them to draw the people that He’s placed in the political realm close to Him in love and obedience (the two go hand-in-hand, after all).

If you’d like a .pdf or Word copy of this material, please let me know and I’ll get a file sent your way (though it could take me a week or so to get it sent your way).

If you’d like to help keep this Capitol Ministries Bible Study mission rolling, you can make a tax deductible donation through the CapMin donation page. If you select Tennessee and/or mention me by name (Scott Alan Buss) on the online donation form, your donation will go completely towards supporting my work in Nashville.

Your prayers and support are greatly appreciated!

In His grip,


Article posted with permission from Scott Buss

The Washington Standard

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