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12-Year-Old Drag Queen Appears With Sodomites In Front Of “Rohypnol” Painting (Video)

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How no one has stepped up to deal with this little boy’s parents and those exploiting him is utterly beyond me.  However, 12-year-old drag queen Desmond, known as ‘Desmond is Amazing, appeared in a new video with what appear to be two open sodomite men, and in the background it a painting with the word “Rohypnol” clearly visible.

Michael Alig, a 53-year-old former club promoter who served 17 years in prison for manslaughter for killing his drug dealer and then chopping up his dead body, appears alongside Desmond and another sodomite.

Take a look.

This poor little boy looks like he’s been drugged in every video I’ve seen him in that I’ve had to report on.

According to WebMD:

Rohypnol (generic name, flunitrazepam) a potent benzodiazepine (a class of tranquilizing agents), is known as Mexican Valium, circles, roofies, la rocha, roche, R2, rope, and forget-me pill. It is available in more than 60 countries in Europe and Latin America, where its legitimate use includes anesthesia before surgery. This drug is not available in North America for sale or prescription. It is usually brought into the U.S. by mail. Florida, California, and Texas are the states that confiscate most of stocks of rohypnol.

Rohypnol in low doses is a sedative and muscle relaxant. In higher doses, it can cause lack of muscle control, amnesia, loss of inhibitions, and loss of consciousness. The effects are usually worsened with alcohol. Sedation occurs within 30 minutes after ingestion, with peak effects at two hours. As little as 1 mg can impair an individual for 8-12 hours.

It’s known as a “date rape” drug.

Now, why do you think they would promote such a video with this in the background?  Are they doing it in your face, America, to get a reaction or see if you are going to provide a lack of one?  Or are they so deviant that they promote it openly knowing that no one is going to lift a finger for the sake of this little boy and others like him?

We’ve written several pieces on Desmond.

He has been involved in the degenerate Drag Queen story time, in which many of these men have been discovered to be sex offenders and pedophiles.

Desmond has also spoke about the drug Ketamine.

Additionally, Desmond has appeared on ABC as part of their propaganda, and also performed in a sodomite bar in New York.

Desmond is a victim in all of this.  This is exactly why the Bible and our forefathers literally put down sodomites and those who would exploit children like this in such a wicked manner.

It’s high time the people of this country come to their senses and deal with those who are targeting our children for their own depraved lusts, and I don’t mean give them a jail cell.

President Trump, you’ve been going after human trafficking and those who exploit children, but where are you at on this open exploitation and depravity? I only hear crickets from the White House when it comes to Desmond and those exploiting him, and no doubt, trafficking him.

Article posted with permission from Sons Of Liberty Media

Tim Brown

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