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A Bigger Lie Than COVID

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I realize people are obsessed with COVID and the “we are all going to die” cult, but there are bigger problems than that. One of the problems is very few people tell the truth, and even fewer people know the truth. Worst of all, very few people want to know the truth. Most people are happy believing the lies regardless of the harm it causes.

This culture of deception is destroying us and only truth will cure us. Being an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), I am a big believer in solving problems fast because I know leaving the wrong problem alone can kill you fast once it hits that point. Take shock, for example, once the patient gets too far into shock, you may not get them back.

Besides being an EMT, I am also the Chief of an Ambulance Service. For all of you that think being the boss is a good thing, think about what it is like to trade 1 boss for 2,200 bosses. If you do not understand that, you have failed before the first time you take command. Being the chief makes me aware of the big problems we need to solve because I have to solve the problems of the individuals and the organization.

This leads me to a lie many people believe: A few people can fix everything for everybody. This is not going to happen friends. I do not care if you thought Donald Trump would fix things or if you believed Joe Biden will fix things. Most problems get solved close to the problem. Problems get worse the farther away from the problem the solutions get.

Let’s apply this to if you live or die, or if you get injured or sick. Many people wanted Big Gov to fix healthcare. I am using the term Big Gov because Congress, state legislatures, the FDA, the CDC, the World Health Organization, etc. have all screwed things up so bad that healthcare is going down if we do not fix it.

I will walk you through an example so you can understand. Medicare does not have to pay me for everyone we care for in our ambulance. So, every year, I have to go to the local governing bodies where we serve and say: “We have another huge amount of uncollectable debts. You guys need to pay this so I can keep serving the public.” Then I hear the “Why did you let this happen?” This forces me to think, there is no “let.”  You guys took this out of my control.

That is why I am writing this article.  You guys, as in you reading this, you did it too. You need to fix this because it is happening everywhere. People thought healthcare costs too much and they did not want to pay for their parents or their own healthcare so, we got Medicare. If Medicare decides not to pay, we are not getting paid. We only get paid if they want to do so, but there is no “they have to pay.” So, if you want me to save your life when you need it saved, you need to keep my doors open. Make Medicare pay me always. That means you need to throw the bums out of office that allow this and vote in people who don’t. Do not vote in people that lie and say they will.  Rather, vote in people that will.

I know what some are thinking, if they won’t pay, you do not need to help them. Well, besides the issue of I did not take this job to stand by while anyone suffers, it is illegal for me to not give care. The state legislatures have decided it is bad to have people dying in the streets.  So, if you call, we go regardless if we get paid. The problem is when “if we get paid” becomes even if we regularly do not get paid. Tell me, how do I make the legislature fix this? I am one guy.  This takes many to solve. You could, if enough of you got together, and you throw the bums out of office that allow this and vote in people who don’t. Believe me, you cannot believe that a few people can fix everything for everybody. I have been trying, but I am burning out.  You need to do something.

This is where I prove problems can get solved the closer to where they occur, even if they are getting caused from far away. If I have $60,000.00 in uncollectable debts, all the local government needs to do is collect it from the 2,200 people we serve. Everybody coughs up $27.27 each for the year, and we live to fight another day. All you have to do to have a group of people ready, willing, and able to try and save your life, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week is cough up $2.27 a month.

That’s easy enough except for another problem you let happen. Some of these local governments realized that if they tell me to pound sand and they refuse to help pay my department’s uncollectable debts from the 2,200 people we serve, I have to serve them regardless if they pay me. See, something for nothing does not work. Some of these local governments are smart enough to not do this so, I get the “People do not want to pay high taxes,” but they still pay.

However, if you have not noticed, there is an epidemic of stupidity in this country and some of these local governments are infected. So, I get the “Cut your budget.  We aren’t giving you any money.” Yes, that is an exact quote.  Remember, they have been infected with stupidity, grammar and otherwise. Well let’s give it a go, and see if I can.

If your throat is swelling shut from anaphylaxis, do you want us to skip the epinephrine and leave you to die? No, I am not surprised. We would not do that even if you did want us to do it. However, the pharmaceutical companies are not giving me free epinephrine. We are not like Medicare or local governments.  The pharmaceutical companies do not have to give us epinephrine, even if we do not pay them.

So that leads us to the “You pay your EMTs too much.  If they want that kind of money, they should go work in the cities.” Well, I gave my EMTs a raise because they were making $5.00 an hour less than someone at Burger King and I thought they should get $5.00 more than a Burger King worker. No offense to the Burger King workers, but can you get hepatitis from the guy handing the burger? No.  Did he ever bleed on your shoe? Well, that can happen in my gig.  So, I just thought it was worth a little more money than you get. So I do not believe the “You pay your EMTs too much.”

How about the “If they want that kind of money, they should go work in the cities”? Well, I need my EMTs to work here. I do not think you are only going to get sick or injured in the “cities.” So, I need to have EMTs who will work here. Besides, we are not like Medicare or local governments.  We cannot force people to be EMTs, even if we do not pay them. We are short-staffed. We are burning out. Remember, a lot of people believe the lie about “A few people can fix everything for everybody.” Yes, 15 people can provide outstanding emergency medical care to 2,200 people. What we cannot do is pay for it for the 2,200 people. If you tell me I am paying my EMTs too much, that is what you are telling me to do. Besides, if that was true, I would have enough people applying to be EMTs. I am one guy.  This problem takes many to solve. Throw the bums out of office that allow this, and vote in people who don’t.

You need to babysit all of the governments that are supposed to serve you. The lie A few people can fix everything for everybody includes all government officials. If you leave them unsupervised they will cause more trouble than a group of naughty 2-year-olds. I know, the government officials say they can fix everything for everybody, but this article has given you enough reasons not to believe them.

Years ago, I stood before someone I loved more than anything in the world, and I begged him to breathe, and I begged God to not let him die. Begging cannot make people live. What can work is the wonderful people from the local ambulance service that got there and gave it everything they had to try to keep my son alive. I am grateful even though my son died. I love those people. I know the pain they had to feel from not saving my son’s life, even though that’s what they wanted. We do not get “want,” we get what God gives. That haunts you. It makes it hard to do this job.

Years later, when a careless driver broke the law and drilled me in the driver’s door, more wonderful people from a local ambulance service came and helped me again. That is why I became an Emergency Medical Technician, and eventually, an Ambulance Chief. I believe I should not take what I will not give.  So, I am giving as much as I can.

This is why I keep telling you to join https://makeamericansfreeagain.com/ and to put your name in the database and to form groups. I do not believe the lie “A few people can fix everything for everybody.”  This lie is wrecking a lot of things. We need to start fixing things.

If you think this is only happening here, even though you do not know where here is, you are wrong. This is nationwide, and it needs to be fixed now. A few half-hearted, “Thank you for your service” remarks will not fix it. That is salt in our wounds if you will not serve as well. If you do not serve as an EMT, serve by making Big Gov, Little Gov, and all government stops causing these problems. Do not believe the lie, and do not vote for those that do.

This is going to take you… all of you.

Article by Steve Richards

The Washington Standard

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