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Abortionist Caught with Dead Babies in Trunk

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We are often faced with moral dilemmas, especially when it comes to the acquiring of money.  Many of us face being honest on tax returns to beef up our returns, having honest weights and balances and thinking that those who have money can afford to pay more than others.  But, there are some things that just boggle the mind.

Christian News reports:

Police in Michigan raided the home of a Detroit area abortionist this week after finding 14 containers of “human tissue” in his trunk, raising suspicions that he might have been working illegally as a traveling abortionist.

The matter began two weeks ago when abortionist Michael Roth, formerly of the Novi Laser and Aesthetic Center, allegedly struck a 32-year-old disabled man with his vehicle in Orchard Lake Village. After impounding the car, police found 14 plastic containers of what is believed to be the disfigured, mangled remnants of aborted children in his trunk, along with medical equipment and a significant amount of the drug Fetanyl, which is used for pain and sedation.

It seems that the good doctor was carrying the remains of aborted children in his trunk.  He felt that his bank accounts were more important than the safety of those in his care.

The Christian News continues:

“We do have an opinion from the medical examiner’s office that this is remnants of conception, but there was nothing that was seen within the containers that were recognizable,” West Bloomfield Deputy Chief Curt Lawson told the Detroit Free Press.

The containers were taken to the Oakland County Medical Examiner’s Office for further review.

So, we have a doctor, who is a known violator of laws and restrictions, carrying human tissue in his car.  Rather than killing babies according to state law, he is killing them without discretion.  But this is not the worst of this story.

The Christian News reports:

The discovery turned into a raid on Roth’s home and office on Tuesday, and an investigation is ongoing by the Michigan attorney general’s office and the federal Drug Enforcement Agency. Roth is not under arrest and is not yet facing charges.

How is it possible that this man is out of jail?  How can he not be charged with a crime?  This man is not only a murderer; he has a history of bad behavior and blatant disregard for the law.

Christian News continues:

Roth was evicted from his abortion facility in November of last year, and has a long history of legal problems, including lawsuits from women who suffered perforated bowels or required a hysterectomy.

“Among the many complaints against Roth was a 1998 case in which a 41-year-old woman ‘requested [Roth] to perform a voluntary termination of pregnancy at her home’ because of her ‘alleged agoraphobia.’ The woman was, in fact, a bartender and had no diagnosis of agoraphobia,” the Daily Beast notes, outlining that the abortionist was found to have violated Michigan’s 24-hour waiting period as he never met with her prior to the abortion procedure.

We should know that anyone who is so greedy that they would take the life of a defenseless child would do anything for money.  The greed of the murderer knows no bounds.  The fact that this man is still free is astonishing.

At what level of depravity do we have to reach before Americans cry out for justice?

*Article by Michael Ware

The Washington Standard

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