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About That White Nationalist Dirty Bomb

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The hyper-exaggerated threat of white supremacy has taken a serious turn—the racists now want a dirty bomb and are working in that direction with their very own Atomwaffen. 

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It doesn’t get much more absurd than this. 

In 2004 and 2013, according to a report posted by Foreign Policy, “the FBI arrested two white supremacists interested in acquiring and detonating a dirty bomb.”

Moreover, these are not “lone wolves.” They are part of an extremist network bound by white supremacist ideology, far-right hate, and online indoctrination. And there is no shortage of evidence that they want to acquire their own radioactive weapons.

The evidence? Two disparate incidents nearly a decade apart by accused white supremacists allegedly in possession of radiological material and instructions for constructing a dirty bomb. 

This is a repeat of what the national security state said about Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda: they worked on a dirty bomb. There is absolutely no evidence al-Qaeda ever had nuclear material, same as there is no evidence Saddam had WMDs. Both of these lies were used to escalate and project the manufactured war on terror. 

The idea is to instill a pervasive fear in the populace. How do they know that white guy with a tattoo at Walmart isn’t a terrorist “radicalized” by the internet and conspiracy theories. 

The idea is to make us afraid of each other and forget the real source of our problem—a ruthless Machiavellian corporate state using high-tech propaganda, staged and orchestrated events, black and white ops and fronts to shape the sociopolitical landscape and dominate global economics. 

Although Donald Trump is a total failure and predictably jettisoned most of his campaign promises the moment he took office, the reaction to his victory by the establishment demonstrates how seriously they take the interruption and audacity of this crude outlier and his basket of deplorables. 

And the deplorables? They’re white nationalists, formerly white supremacists, before that KKK, prior to that under a rock somewhere. This point is driven home continually in The New York Times and The Washington Post: Trump is a racist, his supporters are racist, every single one a race supremacist, misogynist, redneck living and breeding dangerously in flyover country.

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In fact, the average deplorable—and just about everybody else—works harder and longer while the middle-class shrinks and wealth is sucked upward into the coffers of corporations and banks. The average deplorable is sick and tired of an expensive, inefficient, scandal-wracked, partisan and politically divided government ignoring the people. They’re afraid of the future because that future terminates in endless debt owed to cover for today and yesterday’s bankster gambling debts, wars, and the ever-ongoing production of killing machinery. 

Maybe a few thousand out of millions and millions are white supremacists and a small number of them are criminals, same kind of dynamic in any other ethnic group. 

For the obvious political purpose, many non-white ethnic groups were systematically given special status by the state decades ago. It’s argued this special status is required because the various racially collectivized groups are endangered by the majority. 

Due to this, it is no longer simply in bad taste to denigrate a government-designated special status group. It is now a red flag indicating probable terrorist activity, which can then be prevented in precrime fashion by the state and its national security apparatus. 

After 9/11, that enemy was over there, and although the propaganda media pounded home the narrative that Americans would become the targets of terrorists at any given moment, most Americans didn’t really give the idea too much thought as the country moved away from September 11. Polls show the economy and healthcare as the primary concern. Part of the failure is due to the fact the Muslim-Arab threat engineered by the government was perceived as something over there, not here at home. 

Now we’re told it is here. If the state can convince America there is a white nationalist problem, then nobody is safe. Paranoia becomes a tool for shaping public perceptions through corporate mass media. Lawmakers make laws outlawing “hate speech” based on vague description (for instance, “white nationalist” could be anyone who is white and perceived as patriotic and supporting the Americanized version of European civilization, which is portrayed as racist, sexist, colonialist, and white-entitled by some of the ethnic groups with special rights granted by the state for political reasons). 

The political discussion in America, if we can call it that, is strident and polarized to the extreme. It’s worse than it was during the Vietnam War. I witnessed all of that and this is far worse, especially with an economic tsunami bearing down on us. 

Both Democrats and Republicans are going to pile on this white nationalist thing—which is nothing but another psyop on the American people. The state and military and law enforcement agencies down to militarized local police are gearing up to confront an organized white menace looking for revenge on the victimhood special status folks—and in the process, as usual, missing the real source of their growing misery.

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Ever since the national security state took over after the Second World War, we have weathered a series of evil adversaries—Stalin,  Khrushchev, the entire Red Menace for more than thirty years, Castro, then the intrepid Viet Cong, followed by Saddam, Osama bin Laden, various spin-offs on the Wahhabi theme, and now the Hitler-loving Nazis, white supremacists, nationalists, nativists, deplorables.  

The psychopathic elite and their national security state juggernaut of death and suffering are in constant and insatiable need of enemies and two minutes hate. How better to put the finishing touches on a full-blown surveillance and police state than crowing repeatedly about the terrorist who may be your next-door neighbor. 

Article posted with permission from Kurt Nimmo

Kurt Nimmo

Kurt Nimmo has blogged on political issues since 2002. In 2008, he worked as lead editor and writer at Infowars, and is currently a content producer for Newsbud. His book Another Day In The Empire is available from Amazon.
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