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Almost No One Reads What Has Been Considered By Almost Everyone To Be The “Law Of The Land” – Even Though It Isn’t

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Can You Read, Do You Read?

Part of my work here at the Institute on the Constitution involves making presentations across the country about matters of law, government and the Constitution.

Sometimes, I’ll ask the members of the audience to raise their hand if they have ever read a Supreme Court opinion.  Almost always there are no hands raised.

Do you find it curious that almost no one reads that which almost everyone considers being the “law of the land” – which, by the way, it isn’t?

This may be the quintessential example of the degradation of the formerly vibrant American culture.

There are at least three massive leaps of faith born out of the laziness and the ignorance of our godless and reckless culture:

First, we falsely accept the notion that the Courts, which are the judicial branch of government, make law, which is the province of the legislative branch.

Secondly, we don’t read what this false oracle writes and, therefore, don’t even know what the man behind the curtain – the great and wonderful OZ — has actually said.

Then thirdly, we blindly accept the word of Rachel Maddow or George Stephanopolis or Sean Hannity as to the meaning of that which we have not even read.

What kind of people would act this way but a people who are no longer capable of self-government?

The enemies of America know the answer to this question:

What is the difference between a people who can’t read and men who don’t?

The answer is, of course, “Nothing”

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