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America Deserves To Know If Democrats Used Taxpayer Money To Fund Spy Ring In Trump Campaign

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If you’re watching events unfold in the mainstream media, you’re probably getting confused.

Based on what they’re reporting in the newspapers and on the TV screen, it sure seems like the Trump campaign was being spied on with a variety of different resources including moles embedded within the campaign (also phone taps, FISA warrants, and international agencies ). However, in the same breath these same media outlets are telling us not to be too concerned that things really aren’t as bad as they seem. On TV they interview Democrats like Adam Schiff(D-CA) who says spying on Trump “simply didn’t happen,” even as we learn that it did.

So what is going on?

How can the media tell us in one breath that there were various methods of “observation” happening, and in the next breath try to explain how that is not actually “spying.”

Liberal law professor Jonathan Turley explains that the Trump administration is right to be concerned about the activities of the intelligence community during the 2016 election.

Here’s what he told Fox News’ Tucker Carlson:

Tucker Carlson: Do Americans have a right to know if they were spied on and why?

Jonathan Turley: I think that they do. These are very serious allegations and they are unprecedented. We don’t know what the truth is. Maybe there was a valid reason for the investigation, maybe they used valid means. But we should want to know.

I think what is being a case of willful blindness here is that we have confirmation that Trump was apparently correct when he said over a year ago that he had people in his campaign that were under surveillance and it turns out it was much broader than we thought. Even though people like [Former DNI James] Clapper and others in the Obama administration denied it, it does appear to be a surveillance program, it does appear to be an investigation and now you have an individual who reportedly offered to be an advisor in a campaign when he was an asset for the FBI or the CIA or both. I can’t imagine what Justice official would sign off on that.

Now you can try to split this as you may, whether this is an investigation or surveillance but from Trump’s standpoint there is a legitimate issue. You can tell a victim that this isn’t a mugging, it’s just a forced divestiture, but it sure feels like a mugging unless you can prove to the contrary.

As it happens, Vice President Mike Pence completely agrees with Turley’s take on the situation. The American people have every right to know if the Trump campaign (and administration) were being spied upon over the last two years.

“With the revelations that our campaign may have been the subject of surveillance by the FBI, the president I think is grateful that the Department of Justice is going to have the inspector general look into it and determine and ensure that there was no surveillance done for political purposes against our campaign. I think it would be very troubling to millions of Americans if that took place but we’re very confident that as the inspector general has been doing their working, looking at the conduct of the FBI during that period that by adding their focus to this that we’ll get to the bottom of it because the American people have a right to know.”

Sadly, this ugly situation could become even uglier.

Congressman Devin Nunes (R-CA) revealed earlier this week that the intelligence community is still playing games with Congress. He believes that he and other Congressmen recently avoided a trap in which they would have looked like they were leaking information to the media, and that the trap had been set by someone in the DOJ.

Nunes also argued that if the FBI or the DOJ is discovered to have been paying the informant in the Trump campaign, all hell could break loose.

Maria Bartiromo: The DOJ tells Fox News that they have invited you to go to the DOJ and you haven’t responded, are you aware of this invitation?

Devin Nunes: They continue to leak. We had what I thought was a productive meeting, and then, after that meeting, they’ve done nothing but leak and leak and leak. Now, we don’t know exactly who it is over at the Department of Justice or the FBI. I’m not pinning any blame on people. But we’re not going to go to another meeting where we don’t get documents and then the meeting leaks out.

They were trying to get Mr. Gowdy and I to go the Department of Justice for, supposedly, another briefing. We said, look, unless we’re going to get documents, we found out Thursday night, they were not going to provide documents, so therefore, we’re not going to go.

Now if you look at what happened on Friday night, probably the mother of all leaks, of all time, to two major newspapers, that came out Friday night. Now, had Mr. Gowdy and I went to that meeting, you can bet they would have tried to pin that on us.

Maria Bartiromo: A moment ago before we went to break, you said it was the mother of all leaks conducted by the DOJ. What were you referring to?

Devin Nunes: There were two mainstream media outlets Friday night who had lots of details. If any of those details are correct.

Remember, we don’t have any documents — we can’t confirm whether there is or is not an informant, because we were never given the documents. In fact, we’ve never even asked for the names of any informants or any sources whatsoever.

If any of that is true, and they ran a spy ring or an informant ring, and they were paying people within the Trump campaign, if any of that is true, that is an absolute Red Line.

There is not an honest person who can believe that taxpayers’ dollars should go to fund this ring, and operate like this, how they said in the New York Times. If any of that is true, that is a red line in this country, you can’t spy on political campaigns. According to them, this was done in the spring, before the counterintelligence operation was even opened. if that is true, we need to know about it.

Article posted with permission from Constitution.com. Article by Onan Coca.

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