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Americans Reject Cultural Appropriation & White Privilege as Racist

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There’s something going on out in the culture at large, and it has average Americans rejecting the racist fallacies that are “cultural appropriation” and “white privilege.”

There are various reasons for this rebellion against one of the new left’s favorite bludgeon’s to use against white America, but one of the most effective defenses has been the response of our thought and culture leaders.

One of those leaders is comedian Joe Rogan, who along with being a comedian, and the host of UFC popular fight night programs, also hosts one of the most popular podcasts on the Net. The Joe Rogan Experience reaches millions of people every month and on one of his most recent episodes he blasted the very notion of cultural appropriation.

“I was f***ing reading an article, and I almost punched my screen. They’re saying that hoop earrings are cultural appropriation. Girls aren’t allowed to wear hoop earrings,” Rogan argued.

“It’s racist against white people,” he continued.

“The entire country is a melting pot of cultural appropriation, you dumb c***s! That’s the whole idea of having a civilization, it’s that you get to share each other’s food, share each other’s recipes, listen to each other’s music, listen to each other’s jokes and stories, buy each other’s clothes. You get these f***ing dummies who are just looking to complain and criticize, and just call out everything and everybody,” he continued.

Rogan then explained that it’s completely ridiculous for someone to believe that they “own” their own culture.

“You don’t own your culture, you f***ing idiot. You know why? Because you didn’t create it. You didn’t invent pizza, you didn’t invent pasta, you didn’t invent Chinese food; it’s been around for hundreds of f***ing years. You were just born. You were born with sort of ethnicity, you don’t own that ethnicity…

The idea that you can keep other people from enjoying it and appreciating the history of other human beings is f***ing racist, and it’s stupid.”

You can hear the entire tirade below – but beware, it is full of profanity and foul language.

Rogan isn’t the only thought-provoker who is fighting back against these illogical, and racist ideas.

Adam Carolla, another comedian who also hosts a very successful podcast, made a similar (though less colorful) argument against white privilege. Here he is with Dennis Prager at Cal State Northridge, tearing apart the notion that white privilege exists.

Conservative pundit Ben Shapiro is perhaps the most eloquent defender of conservatism in America today, and he has, on several occasions delivered some of the best arguments against the racist generalization that all white people enjoy some kind of magical privilege.

Enjoy this compilation of his wisdom.

Finally, comedian Bill Burr, who is not a conservative, has taken a common sense approach to the situation and has used humor and common sense to lambaste the idea that he (and millions of other American whites) are privileged. (Again, WARNING, there is a ton of profanity in this clip.)

Article posted with permission from Constitution.com. Article by Onan Coca.

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