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And Now This Twist Comes into the Slaying of Deputy Darren Goforth

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Sheriff’s deputy Darren Goforth was murdered at a Texas gas station at the end of August. Many speculate that the murder was tied to the BlackLivesMatter movement or the incitement of Nation of Islam nutjob Louis Farrakhan. Now there is an eyewitness to the murder who claims she was romantically involved with the married deputy and this may have led to his murder.

An unidentified woman, who is a witness in the investigation, was officially confirmed in information passed along by prosecutors in Harris County to attorneys representing Shannon Miles, the suspect accused of the murder.

The Houston Chronicle reports:

The legally-required “Brady Disclosure” was first reported by KTRK-TV, but Anthony Osso, one of Miles’ court-appointed lawyers, said the release was more of a formality.

“This didn’t come as a surprise to us. Our investigators were already developing this issue,” Osso said late Friday.

Osso said his office was not responsible for the public release of the document.

“I specifically didn’t want to air it out. I don’t want to try this case in the media,” he said.

One understands that the case doesn’t need to be tried in the media, although that often happens, at least in the court of public opinion. However, the question arises, why would they have put the wraps on this witness, especially knowing that she was “romantically involved” with Deputy Goforth? Is it possible the shooter was acting out a crime of passion and that the witness was not only engaged in adultery with Goforth, but also involved with another man? Did the sheriff’s office know what Deputy Goforth was involved in and sought to keep it under wraps?

Meanwhile, Goforth’s wife just unveiled that she got a tattoo to honor her husband’s memory. According to ABC13, Kathleen Goforth, mother of two, said, “‘Be the change’ is he first part of the Ghandi quote and the change we want to see in the world and what I want to see in the world is men and women in uniform revered and honored. 1984, that was Darren’s badge. That was yours baby. I love you very much.”

There is no telling the devastation this is for Mrs. Goforth and my heart goes out to her.

According to search warrants, Miles matched the description of the shooter from surveillance video. KHOU reports:

Deputies say Miles then led them to a .40-caliber handgun inside a baseball bag in his garage.

Investigators say that gun matched shell casings found at the murder scene.

Inside the home, deputies say, they found a damp load of laundry in a washing machine that included a white T-shirt similar to the one worn by the shooter, as well as a white cooler that appeared to match a white container seen on video in the bed of the shooter’s pick-up truck.

Along with that cooler, clothing and gun, the search warrant shows deputies seized 34 live rounds of ammunition, seven cell phones, computers and a camera from Miles’ home.

The real question in all of this is why was the anonymous witness not made a part of the news early on? We’ll find out as the trial unfolds.

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