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Apparently, Dr. Fauci Doesn’t Know Which Arm He Took The CONvid-1984 Vaccine In – But Video Indicates He’s Lying

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OK, so we’ve reported on what appears to be fake vaccinations in order to decimate Big Pharma propaganda to the people to get them to take their vaccines.  In the latest propaganda, Dr. Anthony Fauci, the little Nazi himself, is shown to receive the Moderna vaccine.  However, following the prick, Fauci is interviewed and what do we discover?  Well, let’s let the video speak for itself.

First, here’s Fauci allegedly receiving the vaccine, courtesy of ABC News.  Notice that he receives the prick in his left arm.

However, the next day, he was interviewed by CBS News and notice at the 1:45 mark, he references a sore arm where he allegedly got the shot.  However, he taps his right arm.  Take a look.

Notice the writing behind him. The video is not reversed.

Clearly, this is nothing but propaganda, which begs the question as to whether Fauci got the vaccine anymore than did Vice President Mike Pence, his wife or the Surgeon General.

Did Vice President Mike Pence Just Fake His Vaccination On Live TV? (Video)

Article posted with permission from Sons of Liberty Media

Tim Brown

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