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Are “Harm Reduction Promoters” In The Opioid/Drug Epidemic Dangerous?

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In the last couple of months, I have been researching the agendas of some self-proclaimed “harm reduction promoters” in the raging opioid/drug epidemic destroying families in the hundreds of thousands.  What has become troubling is these harm reduction promoters are not focusing on prevention, education or treatment, but rather the insanity of giving those addicted safe places to shoot up illegal drugs.  Originally they were referred to as “safe injection sites” and these harm reduction zealots decided to soften the tone and call them “safe consumption sites.”  Here is a sampling of the frightening messages some of these promoters of using illegal drugs are now saying making a mockery of the epidemic:

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October 1 at 11:45 PM ·

“Peers are my most consistent source of information, especially older users that are still going hard but they’re alive. They’re alive for a reason, they’re doing something right,” a Black and Latina woman who mostly uses methamphetamine and requested anonymity told HRC (Harm Reduction Coalition). “They’re my heroes.”

Why Peers Who Use Drugs Are Overdose Prevention “Heroes”

Harm reduction is increasingly being assimilated into the medical establishment. Yet some people who use drugs continue to report that …

This from Ryan Hampton, self-proclaimed recovery guru once the spokesperson for “Facing Addiction” founded and funded by George Soros’ “Open Society.”  Facing Addiction declared bankruptcy last year and Hampton went on to more rock star advocacy status.  Here is a sampling of his support of safe injection sites:  “Overdose prevention sites (OPS), also called safe injection sites or supervised use facilities, are a critical step in the recovery process for many people. They’re places where people with substance use disorder can go to get clean needles or other supplies, test their substances, use in a safe environment, pick up naloxone anti-overdose kits, and get connected with resources that support recovery. Although we focus most of our efforts on preventing addiction or getting people into treatment, the fact is that OPS are more effective, and save more lives. They are a front-line response to the drug epidemic.”

More from the “harm promotion” advocates. This one promoted by a “non-profit” called OhioCAN and referencing meth “playing safe” using the drug. And yes I recognize the name MoNetwork is at the bottom of this posting, but harm reduction promoters are running with it.  If this doesn’t offend you and you can’t figure out why we are losing more and more people to this epidemic, here is a prime example. The words “playing safe” are beyond offensive. This is not a game. Our kids are dying. They are not playing. They are dying.

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Many harm reduction promoters were proclaiming victory in Philadelphia, PA with safe injection sites looming in opening their doors to addicts shooting up.  One Democratic state senator named Anthony Williams representing the City of Brotherly Love is seeking a statewide ban on supervised injection sites.  President Trump appointed US Attorney William McSwain to prevent the site from opening, calling it “in your face illegal activity.”  Below is the link to the Pennsylvania Capital-Star article dated October 3 and Senator Williams’ opposition to illegal drugs being shot up in supervised, government condoned injection sites.

Someone sent me an email last week that read “Safe injection sites are unconditional love.”  No on the contrary unconditional love does not mean the acceptance of bad behavior.  Maybe we are in this escalating crisis because of the word “acceptance” rather than solutions.


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Article by Marianne Skolek Perez
Investigative Reporter exposing the manufactured opioid epidemic writing for Global News Centre, Salem-News.com, Sons of Liberty Media, The Washington Standard and Freedom Outpost

The Washington Standard

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