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Biden Admin Won’t Guarantee Safety of Americans Trying to Get Out of Afghanistan

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Biden could have and should have evacuated American civilians before withdrawing the military.

He could have evacuated Americans via the Bagram Air Base which was defensible, instead he chose to abandon it, and make our evacuation, including that of the military, dependent on Kabul’s airport.

This is a massive disaster. And there’s no plan.

National Sec Adviser Jake Sullivan and Biden spokeswoman Jen Psaki both refused to commit to getting every American out or to have the military remain there until every American is out. Sullivan claims that the Taliban are going to allow foreigners to go to the airport.

What the price for Biden’s deal with the devil is, we don’t know. And probably won’t know for a while.

American forces are on the ground in the airport, but Kabul is in the hands of the Taliban and anywhere upward of 15,000 Americans, including missionaries and reporters, are on their own as far as making it to the airport goes.

The official statement is that, “The United States cannot guarantee your security as you make this trip.”

Neither will Sullivan and Psaki commit to having the military there until all the Americans have been evacuated.

Biden’s press secretary for the State Department, Ned Price, urged Americans to “shelter in place” and not to travel if they didn’t feel safe.

The solution is that there’s no solution.

The Taliban are all around the airport. They’re on the ground and in charge.

The military is stating that they will hold the airport as long as they’re ordered to and that the Taliban have been warned not to interfere with the evacuation. But that extends to the airport, not to the area surrounding it. Military personnel have been ordered not to engage the Taliban unless they enter and interfere with operations in the airport.

This is what Biden has done.

Article posted with permission from Daniel Greenfield

The Washington Standard

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