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BIG SOLUTION: Well-Established Patriot Shop with Over 450 USA-Made Products with no Poisonous Chemicals, No Debt, and No Buyout – Ditch Big Box Stores Now!

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I can hardly contain myself. I’ve been on a solution mission for awhile now, and when I found this goldmine, I was so excited! Not just because we are pulling our business away from big box stores and Amazon who is trying to take over all industries, and not just because all of these products are manufactured and distributed from the USA, and not just because this company has absolutely no debt and can’t be bought, but because the PRODUCTS ROCK and contain none of the poisons that are used in so many of our products at big box stores. I was looking for one solution, and I just found four all rolled into one!

At first I thought, wait a minute… how is it I didn’t know about this place? I’ve been searching forever to find a one-stop shop for a multitude of products so I don’t have to keep researching where every ingredient is from, who owns the company, and what corrupt crook may be behind it. Then I realized, this was the best kept secret for decades, and now I understand why and how they’ve managed to thrive for so long. If a dear friend hadn’t told me about it, I never would have found it. The conservative who owns this brilliant company knew exactly what he was doing. He built it from the ground up with his own hard-earned money. He didn’t take handouts, sponsorships, or even advertise. He built it for the people – for patriots like us – and cannot be bought, despite ongoing attempts for years. This was his dream, his baby, and what a masterpiece it is.

You’ve been asking for solutions, and in my opinion, this is one of the most important ones because it does a number of things:

1) No more giving money to the criminals, especially Amazon.

2) All ingredients and products are manufactured by them in the USA and shipped from their own distribution centers.

3) Improve your health: There are no poisonous chemicals, like the big box stores keep pumping into us and the environment.

4) No need to worry about masks, id passports or other bogus mandates because you order online and it’s delivered right to your door!

5) No robots and live chats. If you have a question, you can call them directly and speak to a human being. How refreshing is that? The good ol’ days are back!

6) The company has no debt, owes no one, and refuses to be bought off, and even has it structured to carry on this way long into the future.

This is the ultimate shopping club, created by a patriot long ago!

It’s sort of like a Costco in a sense, but you don’t have to buy in bulk, the annual membership is only $19 instead of $60+, it’s delivered right to your door, you can cancel at any time, and there are always bonus deals and coupons. It’s like our own personal patriot shopping club – and the evil powers that be can’t touch it or block us from it! Imagine that?! My friend Sondra can hook you up right away. Just shoot her a quick email or give her a call at 818-256-9219. It’s that easy.

I was blown away by the cleaning products, and don’t even get me started on the yummy nutty fruit bites, but what was most astonishing to me is the level of thought, quality, and science that went into each product, all of which are manufactured by them. There is no outsourcing. It’s unreal! When you walk the aisles at a grocery store, Walmart, Costco or online at Amazon, what do you find? Rows and rows of chemicals packaged as cleaning products, beauty and cosmetics, and supplements and ingredients coming in from other countries.

Their products contain no chlorine bleach, ammonia, formaldehyde, phthalates, or parabens! In fact, tea tree oil is used in many of the products because of its natural disinfectant and healing properties. But how do they measure up? Let’s put it this way… my cat puked on my bright white comforter twice in the past few weeks. Not the usual clumpy food puke, but one packed with bright yellow bile (sorry for the visual but at least I spared you the photos I took). It was a big, nasty surprise waiting for me. I quickly grabbed the stain remover and added a dash of disinfectant, and in under 3 minutes the stain was 99% gone. I kid you not! I threw it in the washing machine and dryer, pulled it out, and no stain or stench!

Let me cut to the chase… they have over 450 products, so all of your household cleaning supplies, dental, laundry, hygiene, beauty products, bath and body, vitamins and supplements, first aid treatments, essential oils, healthy snacks and sports drinks, and even pet shampoo and jerky treats for your dog, can all be purchased from one location straight to your door!

That’s a lot of product to pull away from the big box stores and Amazon with their price gauging. Speaking of price, the pricing is very affordable and in many cases less expensive than chemically-filled store bought products. They have their own scientists, ingredients, manufacturing facility, and distribution centers. All of their products are FDA approved and they’ve never been flagged once. The most ironic part is that they won’t even be able to get them on not being green enough, as they roll out their “climate scoring system,” because their products are healthier than the chemically-lined shelves at all the big box stores!

I wanted to try a bunch of products before writing this, because you know me – I’m all about the truth and facts – so I tried a ton of products over the course of a month before sharing this information. One of my favorite products that I personally think should be made into tea bags (somehow) because the flavor is exceptional – is their mouth rinse! They have a fresh mint one, but my favorite is the one that has cinnamon and myrrh in it, and if you know anything about essential oils, myrrh is a must have antiseptic. Oh yes, they even have a line of essential oils – over 60 of them, which was a super find for me because I’ve been using oils for over 20 years. The toothpaste is great too, and they have these delicious little containers of sugar-free mints – the cinnamon ones are the best. Their vitamins and supplements line is pretty darn impressive too, though I’ve yet to order those items until I finish up the ones I have here. Probiotics and Vitamin D will be first on my list. They also carry performance and metabolic health bundles with drinks and supplements. I have tried the snack bars and protein bars, which are delicious, but honestly, my favorite are the little nut and fruit clusters. I could eat a bag a day, but I probably shouldn’t!

I almost forgot about the medicine cabinet! They have a whole line for cold, flu, allergy, pain and fever, first aid, sun care, and skin therapy lotions. Remember the insanity last year when everyone cleaned out the shelves full of hand sanitizers and disinfectants in stores around the world? Guess who didn’t run out? I think we’ve all had our fill with hand sanitizers, but it sure is nice to know that someone’s got our back when the crazy gets crazzzy. Sorry, no toilet paper, but they do have bleach-free toilet bowl cleaner!

The number one question I am going to get is… why aren’t you linking directly to the shop, after all, you are the evidence girl who always provides links and cite’s her sources. That’s a great point. You know how we’ve all been censored, deplatformed, some have had bank accounts closed, and businesses destroyed? THIS is exactly how they’ve managed to thrive for so long. They do not advertise. It is all by word of mouth and a fellow patriot getting another patriot direct access to the shop. For those wondering, this is not Amway. So I apologize for one tiny extra step you have to take by contacting Sondra (below), but I promise those five extra minutes will be well worth your time.

My wonderful friend Sondra can get you all set up so you can check out the store and try out the products for yourself. It’s easy peasy, and I’m truly pumped about this because all we need is a handful of key local providers and online providers to get all of our needs met, outside their greedy system. Shoot Sondra an email or give her a call at 818-256-9219. You will appreciate her kindness and knowledge as much as I do!

You may not be able to buy furniture, lumber, or groceries here, but you sure can get a heck of a lot of important products crossed off your list. This is a great step in the right direction. Think about it… if you shop at this shopping club, plus your small local grocer, butcher shop or deli for grocery needs, your local farmers for produce and meat, and a small family-owned hardware store, that pretty much covers about 95% of your needs that you can get met outside of the greedy evil-doers that are trying to control us through social and climate scoring systems. To heck with them!

I also found this great website the other day called FarmMatch, where you can type your zip code in and find local farmers to order from, and either do a nearby scheduled pickup or they deliver right to your door! And, if you are looking for camping and off-grid supplies and food, you can get scoop those up here. So be sure to check those out as well. If you have good connections or suggestions, please feel free to drop them in the comments below.

With a little bit of effort we can all make huge moves that benefit us while putting a big dent in the criminal mafia. It’s all about community and supporting one another. Pull out of the central banks and find smaller, local banks you can trust. I realize that some things coming our way are inevitable, but I say… go for longevity, build around them, don’t let them use your money against us, and we live to fight another day!

My goal is to build a network of resources we can all utilize, benefit from, and support one another through, outside their corrupt system. So keep an eye on my Solutions page for more good stuff coming. I’m excited! Get excited with me – we can do this! Be sure to subscribe to my newsletter so you don’t miss a Solution, or a Dig.

Start shopping at this wonderful shopping club now and ditch the big box stores! I love it! Call Sondra at 818-256-9219 or drop her a quick email.

Article posted with permission from Corey Lynn, originally posted at CoreysDigs.com

Corey Lynn

Corey Lynn is an investigative journalist who digs for truth in a world where nothing is as it seems, and then connecting the dots and presenting her findings to you. You can follow her work at CoreysDigs.com.
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