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California Liberals “Compromise” to End Free Speech and Defend Abortion

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There has been a compromise reached, it seems, with a California law that would prohibit recording undercover videos at abortion clinics. As I reported, this law would have the effect of silencing the press if passed. There was opposition from Planned Parenthood supporters because of this effect.

The Left was in a quandary, as they were faced with defending Planned Parenthood and giving up their right to freedom of the press. Now, there seems to be a deal struck that will give both protection to the murder clinics and the leftwing media.

Christian News reports:

A compromise has been reached in a controversial California bill that criminalized undercover filming at abortion facilities, as well as the publication of such material.

Talks with Gomez have now resulted in changes to the legislation so that only those who record the footage would be penalized.

“We took precautions to make sure the press could still do their jobs,” Gomez told reporters on Tuesday, according to the Los Angeles Times.

This change was enough for the Left to back off of their opposition. They may not be supportive, but they will not oppose the bill’s passage.

Breitbart reports:

A “compromise” on the bill makes the change that media outlets cannot be penalized if they were not involved in the original recording of the “healthcare provider.”

Nikki Moore, legal counsel to the California Newspaper Publishers Association, said her organization will change its position from opposed to neutral on the measure, reports the Los Angeles Times.

But, what is the real difference? Who is going to do the work of gathering evidence of wrongdoing if they will be convicted and prosecuted? The bill will have the same effect. News agencies will not participate in investigative reporting about Planned Parenthood, and independent investigators will not either.

This wicked bill is the end of the pretended freedom of the press.

Article reposted with permission from Constitution.com. Article by Michael Ware.

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