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Can’t You See The Desperation In The Eyes Of Those Trying To Destroy Trump?

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In February of 2007, I penned a commentary for an online publication that highlighted the apostate black nationalist doctrine of a high-profile church in Chicago.

This was significant at the time because this church had been attended by Barack Hussein Obama, the junior senator from Illinois, for the previous 20 years, and Obama was a likely front-runner for the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination.

The commentary led to my appearance on Fox News on Feb. 28, 2007, where I introduced America to Rev. Jeremiah Wright, the long-time pastor of that church.

Despite the disturbing revelations attendant to this and many more that evidenced Obama as dangerous and manifestly unqualified for the office of president, instead of doing its due diligence, the establishment press ignored these facts and functioned as a dedicated public relations arm for Obama over the following nine years.

The political left anointed Obama as a messiah, and far too many on the right cravenly refused to criticize him for anything solely due to his ethnicity.

The instances of the press and others giving Obama a pass on important issues before and after his election were legion.

From his dubious origins narrative, to the question of whether he may have had former homosexual lovers killed to preserve his optics, to his chumminess with militant black nationalist groups, to his arming drug cartels and Islamists, the operational modality of just about everyone of influence in politics was clearly “hands-off.”

In the case of President Donald Trump, their deportment has been quite the opposite – meaning that these entities are acting toward Trump in precisely the manner in which they should have acted with regard to Obama.

Indeed, if the press and Washington politicos had pursued the truth pertaining to Obama with one-quarter of the vigor with which they are dogging Trump, Obama would most assuredly never have been elected.

While ethnicity was not the only factor in 2008, neither is it the only factor at present.

Obviously, if candidate Donald Trump had represented a continuance of Obama’s policies, progressives and hard-line leftists alike would have adopted a similar affinity for him.

Since Trump represents not only a threat to leftist ideology, but to the entire political establishment, they have marked him for political destruction.

To this end, they have engaged in the most unseemly machinations, all calculated to bring about Trump’s downfall.

Interestingly, many of the preposterous allegations being leveled against Trump are uncanny projections of Obama, particularly those that accuse Trump of being autocratic, authoritarian, or tyrannical.

One of the most prominent among the plethora of slanderous allegations the left has leveled against Trump is that of him being a white nationalist.

This is quite ironic, of course, given that they slavishly supported a candidate and later a president who was a real, live black nationalist.

It isn’t the irony or even the implausibility of the allegations that are most significant at this juncture.

As I have said previously, these actions smack of a deep sense of fear and desperation on the part of the left and Washington progressives, and manifest their increasing inability to relate to the electorate.

This, I believe, will prove far more damaging to them than anything Trump has planned.

In the 1970s and 1980s, I tended to look askance at those of my ignorant peers who viewed communism and hard-line socialism as somehow “cool” or trendy – the sort of fools who one might see running around wearing those iconic Che Guevara T-shirts.

Did they not see the oppression and squalor under which those behind the Iron Curtain, China, Cuba and North Korea lived?

Last week, a young editor for BuzzFeed in the U.K. tweeted her desire for “full communism now” in Britain as a Christmas present.

I couldn’t help but wonder if this person was aware that Christmas is typically outlawed in communist countries.

What a lovely idea, I thought. Yes, those in the U.K. would benefit tremendously from freezing in winter, bread lines, gulags, impoverished, drunken surgeons operating on children with instruments that had been spit-shined in lieu of sterilization by similarly inebriated staff, and so forth.

Thanks to the press and the culture that prevailed during Obama’s presidency, we now have another generation of young fools (as well as millions of older people) who are ripe for the retrograde, oligarchical collectivist con.

The surreal nature of the manifestations discussed above are often quite difficult to mentally process: How indeed does one reconcile American equivalents of the idiot Buzzfeed editor, the homosexual who whines about inequality when there are countries that actually execute homosexuals upon detection, or the black multimillionaire celebrity who is too stupid to recognize that any disenfranchisement or inequity under which black Americans suffer has its genesis in progressive policies?

The histrionics and calumnies being advanced by the political establishment where Donald Trump is concerned, and their determination to find absolutely anything they can hang on him evidence the same sort of intellectual immaturity and desperation as that expressed by the petulant child who demands endless “do-overs” until they achieve the result they wish.

They are desperately afraid that by the time Trump – a man who has failed at very little in his life – gets done stimulating the economy to an unprecedented degree, re-establishing America as the world’s foremost superpower, bolstering national security and giving the lie to the socialist utopia, all things progressive will have been so thoroughly discredited that very few voters – particularly unaffiliated ones – will be willing to get on the bandwagon for anything advanced by progressives.

In short, they fear total annihilation – their political death.

Article posted with permission from Erik Rush

The Washington Standard

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