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Capitol Police Declare Emergency Over Freedom Trucks Driving Slightly Under Speed Limit

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The Capitol Police, one of the largest and most useless police forces in the country, is at it again.

The Capitol Police Board issued an emergency declaration Sunday in response to convoys of truck drivers who assembled around the capital region to protest the government response to Covid-19.

Time to ring all the alarm bells.

Officials were especially worried what the convoys would do Monday, according to a Capitol security official familiar with the preparations.

Drive around. Mainly.

Are they expecting the trucks to try to go up the steps to break into Congress? Aside from a Dukes of Hazzard movie, I don’t think that’s happening. The physics won’t allow it.

But the Capitol Police have to justify their insane budget and after Jan 6, the only safe reaction to anything is a complete overreaction to everything.

 The emergency declaration allows U.S. Capitol Police to request aid from the National Guard. It also allows payment of hotel and food bills for officers so they can stay near the Capitol.

I’m sure they’ll enjoy the free hotel rooms.

Members of Congress and their staff were advised to consider telework, commutes by subways or regional rail lines, or to consider alternative routes should they choose to drive.

They can telework all the time. No one will know the difference. But that way they’ll avoid the terror of trucks… driving slightly under the speed limit.

The trucks, many of them festooned with American flags, honked their horns whenever they saw supporters waving from overpasses or other vehicles. Rigs in the convoy made most of the journey traveling in the middle lane and slightly under the posted speed limit, radio station WTOP reported.

Slightly under the speed limit! Hide your wives, hide your children, hide your ocelots! They’re driving slightly under the posted speed limit.

I can’t wait for AOC to turn this story of the trucks driving slightly under the speed limit as a tale of the time she nearly got run over… if she hadn’t been 4 miles away and in a building.

Article posted with permission from Daniel Greenfield

The Washington Standard

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