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Chainsaw- And Machete-Wielding Muslims Attack Random Englishman In His Car

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Gangs of Muslims wielding chainsaws, machetes, and petrol bombs sounds like a sci-fi or zombie apocalypse horror film, but it is not a film- it is Western Europe 2016 under Muslim siege. This is the “new normal” that we are being told is the future. But, if this is actually the future, it is just the beginning of a living hell on Earth:

A British motorist is warning tourists to avoid Calais after mig)rants wielding chainsaws smashed up his Mercedes and hurled petrol bombs in the road.

Rhys Williams, 53, was approaching the French port in the early hours when migr)ants from the sprawling jungle camp smashed his windows, causing up to £3,000 of damage.

They ran onto the road brandishing chainsaws and throwing Molotov cocktails at the police and passing traffic in scenes that he said ‘resembled a war zone’.

‘Two or three mig)rants had thrown a massive boulder that smashed my windows and damaged the rear door, driver’s door and the pillar in-between.

‘Two police vans were trying to contain 50 to 60 mig)rants that had come onto the carriageway with chainsaws and Molotov cocktails, throwing them at the trucks, the traffic and the police.

‘They were chopping down trees and setting fire to them to block the road, there was no way the police could cope.

‘In the middle of all this was a small family car, the occupants were clearly distressed.

‘It was something that I can only imagine would resemble a war zone.’ (source)

What you are witnessing is the importation of the Muslim and war-torn Middle Eastern world into Europe by idiotic, suicidal policies supported by government officials and people who are nothing short of complete traitors to their ancestors, their descendants (if they have any), their fellow countrymen, and themselves.

If it had been a European who did this to Muslims, immediate and national priority would be given to finding, arresting, and prosecuting those who did it as hard as is legally possible. But if it involves Muslims, the response is one of submission, as though this is normal.

As I said above, if this is “normal,” then the future of Europe is a hell on Earth. Indeed, there is going to be a war in Europe caused by these policies because, barring a miracle, there is going to be no other way to confront this situation. However, this time, Europe will be without the critical weapon it traditionally had to defeat Islam; and, in reality, the only weapon is the Catholic Faith that bore the country into existence. Indeed, the results that Islam has brought would also seem to be fitting, as well, on account of Europe’s apostasy, as anything outside of the Faith leads to hell, and that is what is manifesting in Europe right now, as evidenced by this situation.

Europe’s time left runs short. Its people will be forced to make a decision- do you fight for your lives, families, descendants, and ancestors, or do you commit suicide and submit to the Muslim menace?

Article reposted with permission from Shoebat.com

*Article by Andrew Bieszad

The Washington Standard

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