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Character, Integrity & Mudslinging among GOP Contenders as Bad as Democrats

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When it comes to character, integrity and mud-slinging, the Republican 2016 presidential nominee contenders are faring no better than Democrats. This presidential election cycle has become an embarrassment to the united States. High School elections for student body president have more dignity and respect than what has been seen among so-called adult men. The question is “how much lower do these campaigns have to go before hitting rock bottom?” The answer is “not far.” At this point in time, no candidate currently running a campaign for president deserves to run based on their deplorable behavior.

Let’s begin with the anchor-baby, Sen. Marco Rubio. This constitutionally ineligible “man” has twisted, distorted, and turned the definition of “natural born citizen” to include himself in order to vie for the highest office in the land. This in and of itself speaks volumes about his character. He is claiming a status, which he does not possess, and he knows it. Famous for his participation in crafting and supporting “The Gang Of Eight Immigration Bill,” Rubio is attempting to distance himself from that piece of trash while still supporting its tenets.

While he is busy blasting Trump for favoring foreign workers over American workers, Rubio “has a long record of supporting programs” that do just that. Rubio supports expansion of the H-1B visa program, which, unlike the H-2B visa, is given to skilled workers. It allows tech companies to hire foreign skilled workers in place of Americans in order to pay less in salaries and work those employed under the program longer hours than Americans. Basically, Rubio has championed illegal immigration and immigrants over Americans through killing a bill to block sanctuary cities, pushing to award in-state tuition to illegal alien invaders, support and push of the DREAM Act, and a supporter of amnesty, which would include sex offenders, child molesters, murderers and gang members. His character speaks to hypocrisy as he lies repeatedly to cover his true colors. His allegiance is not to America and her citizens but to his fellow “immigrants.”

In another stellar display of deception, Rubio, in a TV appearance speaking in Spanish, vows to not eliminate Obama’s executive, illegal, unconstitutional amnesty; then, he turns around “pretending he didn’t say that later when he’s talking in English.” Breitbart News reported on Rubio’s smears (lies) “against immigration law enforcement officers and Breitbart News.” There are four big ones attributed to Rubio.

1) Rubio implicitly demeaned Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Council President Chris Crane by declaring that Crane’s desired changes to the Gang of Eight bill pertained to “labor union stuff” rather than the substantive concerns
Crane had about how the bill would negatively impact the safety of the American people.

2) Rubio said that Crane “wasn’t speaking on behalf of ICE.”

3) Contrary to Rubio’s declaration, Breitbart News Network has never reported that Fox News leaked him debate questions ahead of time. 

4) Rubio himself is a Breitbart News Contributor and gives exclusive interviews to Breitbart despite his claim that Breitbart publishes “conspiracy theories.”

Like other Republican candidates, Rubio takes plenty of opportunity to sling insults, especially at Donald Trump. From his “Hair Force One” remark to Trump’s “learning how to spell,” Rubio decided to go against his former “high road” stance. So far, Rubio is attempting to be the Republican counterpart to one Hussein Soetoro who has lied more times than the universe has stars.

Based on his character and integrity, Senator Marco Rubio receives a grade of “F.” His decision to engage in mud-slinging is disgraceful. Yet, he believes he deserves to sit in the Oval Office. He receives a grade of “F” on his mud-slinging as well.

Next up, Senator Ted Cruz is another candidate seeking the office of the presidency who is constitutionally ineligible but claims to be so by twisting and turning the Constitution. While Ted Cruz certainly says a lot of the right things – things on which many of us can agree, the man who has touted standing for the Constitution convolutes it to serve his ambition in seeking the presidency. The worst situations to impugn his character that has hit Cruz is the blunder of his staff with saying Ben Carson would be packing it up after Iowa, then blaming CNN for starting the rumor, the questionable Facebook posting and ads directed at Trump and Rubio, which both claim as false, and saying Trump won’t release his tax returns because he does business with the Mafia, might not make as much money as he claims, has supported Planned Parenthood, and he is not as rich as Mitt Romney. Cruz also fell for Glenn Beck’s “charity” in taking soccer balls and teddy bears to supposedly unaccompanied children who crossed the border illegally. Pictures of the event by Beck’s own team showed more adults than children.

Another dark cloud hanging over Ted Cruz is his wife’s association with the Council on Foreign Relations and Goldman Sachs, bringing into question the influence of these organizations over Cruz through his wife, Heidi. However, Sen. Cruz’s commitment to the Constitution is seen in his service and record in the Senate as well as the ire received from his fellow Senators. The two big blips may be the initial vote on the Trans-Pacific Partnership and his contradictory stance on the pathway to citizenship for illegal alien invaders.

Cruz apologized to Ben Carson for the faux pas by his staff, which takes a considerable amount of courage amidst the shark-infested waters of the media these days. In another move showing his disapproval, Cruz asked for spokesman Rick Tyler, the individual responsible for the news story on Facebook, to exit his campaign. Despite all of this, Trump continues to pound away on Cruz as a “liar” and possessing “dirty tricks.” Cruz defends his position by saying that both Trump and Rubio throw out the “liar” tag when anyone points to their record.

The question, reminiscent of the game show, To Tell The Truth, is “Will the real Ted Cruz please stand up?”

For character and integrity, Sen. Ted Cruz has, for the most part, attempted to maintain a good reputation in both areas. However, the one area that matters most is where Cruz is failing the most. Overall, presidential hopeful Sen. Ted Cruz, on his character and integrity, receives a grade of “D.” Where his mud-slinging is concerned, it is quite mild amidst the turmoil and appears to be more with his staff; however, the comment about the mafia aimed at Trump’s tax returns while Trump is under audit by the IRS is a bit below the belt for Cruz. In the area of mud-slinging, Cruz receives a grade of “C.”

Last, but certainly not least, and the more boisterous mouth of the Republican candidates is Donald Trump. Donald Trump is Donald Trump. Whatever is in Trump’s head makes it to his lips, whether concrete or fantasy. One thing is for certain – Trump has tapped the anger of citizens in America toward the Washington, DC elite status quo. It is the ultimate wave a professional surfer would invent, if they could, to win a competition. Americans heard Trump in the first debate expose exactly how the money works in Washington as he admitted giving to both sides so that when he needs a favor, he picks up the phone to get it. And, he admitted that he does get the favor. What was missed is the fact that no candidate contradicted what he said. The others merely pointed out his “standing in both back yards.” Still, riding a wave of anger to the highest office in the land can be a precarious position.

What about Trump’s character and integrity? Well, both of these are questionable. As an executive involved in making multimillions, one does not get where he is by engaging impeccable character and integrity. It takes wheeling, dealing and compromising others to stay at the top. But, Donald has crashed and burned a few times only to come back from the ashes. While the public may like that about Donald in the personal arena, the public might not be so generous when it comes to the public coffers.

Donald is riding the wave mostly on unconstitutional amnesty involving illegal alien invasion and lack of security of the united States borders. Americans like his solution of securing the borders and building a fence that cannot be scaled. Better yet, they like the idea of Mexico paying for it. Just like every other candidate, Trump has engaged in his share of the “flip-flop” contradictory statements and stances. As America has seen, a president only can do what Congress allows the president to “get away with” doing.

No matter what any candidate states they will do, Congress is the legislative body.

Trump is no stranger to mud-slinging as has been seen recently in calling Cruz a “liar” and having “more dirty trick.” His tit-for-tat engagements with both Rubio and Cruz are entertaining, but beneath the dignity of a contender for the presidential office. Likewise the comments Donald Trump made about his own daughter are cause for pause. More importantly, Donald Trump has not a steadfast constitutional stance on the issues many conservatives see as important. One example is Trump’s statement to expand libel laws to the federal level meaning Congress would be making laws infringing on the freedom of speech and of the press expressly prohibited by the Constitution. Trump has expressed his support for continued NSA spying.

What Donald Trump has done is completely obliterate political correctness. Where Donald Trump is lacking is the knowledge and understanding of the Constitution of the united State of America.

For his character, integrity and mud-slinging, Donald Trump earns a grade of “F.”

Just like the Democrats, Republicans expect America to believe this is the “best” the party has to offer. Both parties are only interested in having “their establishment” friends sitting in the White House instead of individuals with good character and integrity who display respect and courtesy. Granted, Republicans aren’t thrilled with Donald Trump; however, Trump can be counted on to “make a deal.”

Make no mistake, whoever receives the nomination will be one Republicans and Democrats can count on to be a “team” player.

Both parties have “playing the citizens” game down to a tee. Either way the public votes, Democrat or Republican, leads to the same end. The only difference is the route taken to get there. The media assists the parties by guiding American opinion one way or the other toward particular candidates. It was seen early on in this election cycle as Fox News stinted toward Jeb Bush. But, America rejected Bush. This would be the third one hinting at a family domination of politics not seen since the Kennedy era. Likewise, many Americans are concerned with a Clinton dynasty, including Democrats, bringing Bernie Sanders up in the running.

But, this nation cannot get past the “two party” system since the lamestream enemedia never showcases all candidates vying for the office – only the ones in the dominant two parties. The citizens live under an illusion of choice aimed at continuing the establishment status quo. Citizens embrace the lie that their vote counts when it is those counting the votes that truly matter, voter fraud is rampant and voting machines are rigged to select the “appointed” winner between the “bottom of the barrel” candidates. Look at the reality. American citizens are ready to chuck the Constitution since Hussein Soetoro’s usurpation of office to support those clearly ineligible. It’s either support an ineligible Republican or Donald Trump. What a stellar choice for conservatives and Republicans.

Democrats showed their loyalty to the Constitution in 2008 and 2012 while Republicans nominated the weakest link twice. They are showing their loyalty now to one confirmed communist/socialist and one closet communist/socialist. The question all American citizens needs to ask of themselves is, “Where does my loyalty truly lie – to the Constitution, a party or a candidate?” If you answer other than the Constitution, you are part of the problem since no candidate vying is worthy of your support or your vote.

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