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Chris Cuomo Gets Ripped Apart After Criticizing Rape Victim’s Pro-Gun Video

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The Twitterverse isn’t letting Chris Cuomo off the hook, despite his frantic backpedaling, after he made an ill-considered comment on a video. What video was it?

Kim Corban spoke about an attack that took place when she was in college and vowed never to be that vulnerable again.

I was a normal 20-year-old college student. When I moved into off-campus housing, they boasted that it was safe. I was the first. I woke up in the middle of the night suffocating.

“Shut up,” he said. “Don’t say a word.”

For the next two hours, I knew I was going to die, and there was nothing I could do. Now I’m a mother of two, and if that predator or anyone else tries to harm me or my family, they have to come through my firearm first. I will never be unarmed or utterly vulnerable ever again.

‘The only reason I can say that is because the NRA fought for my rights before I ever knew that I needed them.

I’m the National Rifle Association of America, and I’m freedom’s safest place.

You can see the tweet below.

Since it’s Twitter, there were a number of moronic comments. But none quite as moronic as the one by Chris Cuomo of CNN.


A lot of people were wildly unimpressed with Cuomo’s apparent attack on a former rape victim, a woman who had opted not to be a victim again and was determined to protect her family.

Liz Cheney, for one, pointed out our Second Amendment right to protect ourselves.

Meghan McCain tweeted about how differently the experiences of conservative women are treated in the media.

Janice Dean, a meteorologist for Fox News, also had a few choice words for Cuomo.

Cuomo began rapidly backpedaling.

At this point, Cuomo tried frantically to redeem himself after picking on a rape victim.

He provided a lengthy, two-part reply to Janice Dean and tried to paint himself as a patriotic gun owner.

Then he apologized to Dean.

Then Dean explained to whom he really owed an apology.

Cuomo was over it.

And Cuomo just kept digging.

People like Christopher Cuomo are why we need the 2nd Amendment

Cuomo, a “journalist” from the ailing CNN, is considering a presidential run. And you can be sure that he’d be all over “common sense” gun control measures that would disarm women like Kimberly Corban.

Women need guns, and I’ve written about this repeatedly. I’ve shared my own story of defending my child with a gun. They’re an equalizer like no other, and any person who seriously thinks that women should be disarmed must never say they want to see women empowered.

Corban testified against her attacker, sending him to prison. She gave up her anonymity to lobby for the Second Amendment. She even debated President Obama in a Town Hall about gun control.

Kimberly Corban took back her power. She stopped being a victim and turned herself into a survivor? I’ll leave you with Corban’s TED Talk about how her sexual assault was hijacked by both sides of the political spectrum.

What do you think of Cuomo’s comment?

Do you think Chris Cuomo’s tweet was out of line? How do you feel about Kimberly Corban’s original tweet?

Editor’s Note:  Here’s my reply to Cuomo.

Article posted with permission from Daisy Luther

The Washington Standard

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