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Classified Markings from Emails were Ordered Stripped before Sending by Hillary Clinton

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And there you have it, folks. The smoking gun has finally arrived in the Hillary Clinton email scandal saga. We’ve already had several bits of information drop that would be enough to prove to most reasonable people that Clinton was guilty of some crime, but the liberal media is not “reasonable people.” However, the latest revelation from the email scandal investigation has the former Secretary of State commanding her subordinates to strip the “classified” markings from data that she needed and to send it to her in a “non-secure” manner. Both of these actions clearly break federal law and this latest revelation “SHOULD” spell the end for Hillary Clinton.

PROOF of Hillary’s Crimes:

Hillary Email Proof Crime Classified

By the way, that isn’t all the latest revelations have proven. This last batch of emails released by the State Department also contain 66 different pieces of “confidential” data, once again proving that the Clinton camp has been lying about not sending classified material. Throughout the entire investigation the State Department and the Obama administration have been attempting to cover for Mrs. Clinton’s crimes, but there are just too many holes to be plugged.

Hillary Clinton broke the law and she forced her cronies to do the same.

Of course, there have been some liberal complaints and arguments in defense of Hillary. Let’s make it clear – these are just nonsense. There is no defense, and anyone still trying to defend Mrs. Clinton is simply either a Clinton sycophant or a liberal tool hoping to protect their cause. Clinton is a criminal, we have copious evidence for that fact, and she should now face the justice that she so richly deserves.

The guys at HotAir have responded to a few of the silly attempts at defending Clinton:

Guy Benson has more on the latest e-mails; be sure to read it all. 

  • Unclassified material doesn’t need to be transmitted by secure fax; if the material wasn’t classified, Sullivan would have had them faxed normally.
  • Ordering aides to remove headers to facilitate the transmission over unsecured means strongly suggests that the information was not On top of that, removing headers to avoid transmission security would be a violation of 18 USC 793 anyway, which does not require material to be classified — only sensitive to national security.
  • State did leave this document unclassified, but that’s because there isn’t any discussion of what the talking points cover. They redacted the subject headers with B5 and B6 exemptions, invoked to note that the FOIA demand doesn’t cover the material (in their opinion).

Ordering the headings stripped, and Sullivan’s apparent reluctance to work around the secure fax system, makes it all but certain that the material was classified at some level — and Hillary knew it.

*Article by Onan Coca

The Washington Standard

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