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Clinton Camp Elitism Documented in Hacked Emails

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It is one thing to suspect that someone looks down on you. To think the lady in the BMW next to you thinks you are beneath her. It is one thing to think that the government believes that they know better how to run your life and spend your money. But it is a whole other thing to see it in black and white.

This is what is happening to many groups and the Clinton Campaign.

The Washington Times reports:

Long before Hillary Clinton called millions of Americans a “basket of deplorables,” her top campaign advisers and liberal allies openly mocked Catholics, Southerners and a host of other groups, according to newly released emails that offer a stunning window into the vitriol inside the Clinton world less than a month before Election Day.

The emails, published by WikiLeaks after a hack of Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta’s private account, also show Clinton campaign officials and Democratic leaders disparaging supporters of Sen. Bernard Sanders as “self-righteous” whiners, calling Hispanic party leaders such as Bill Richardson “needy Latinos,” labeling CNN anchor Jake Tapper “a d—k” and even lambasting longtime Clinton ally Sidney Blumenthal.

Concerning each person shamed and denigrated, there is a response from that group or people from that group. An excellent example of this is Paul Ryan responding to what was said about Catholics.

The Times continues:

In the exchange, Mr. Halpin mocks media mogul Rupert Murdoch for raising his children in the Catholic faith and said the most “powerful elements” in the conservative movement are all Catholic.

“It’s an amazing bastardization of the faith. They must be attracted to the systematic thought and severely backwards gender relations and must be totally unaware of Christian democracy,” Mr. Halpin said.

“I imagine they think it is the most socially acceptable politically conservative religion. Their rich friends wouldn’t understand if they become evangelicals,” Ms. Palmieri responded.

“Excellent point,” Mr. Halpin wrote back. “They can throw around ‘Thomistic’ thought and ‘subsidiarity’ and sound sophisticated because no one knows what the hell they’re talking about.”

Ryan said: “If Hillary Clinton continues to employ people with biased and bigoted views, it’s clear where her priorities are.”

But, we must not forget that most people will have the same attitude as their leader. If Hillary did not speak this way about people who opposed her, they would not.

Article reposted with permission from Constitution.com. Article by Michael Ware.

The Washington Standard

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