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COINTELPRO and the Move Against Patriots

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The FBI has recently issued a warning which claims that the next big terror attack would likely be conducted by American militia groups against Muslims. They suggest that there is a severe “anti-Islam” bias among many of the patriot organizations and that they have solid sources indicating that there is heavy surveillance taking place at mosques across the country. This of course, is sensationalized speculation in response to the fact that militia groups have recently gathered around several mosques because Muslim terrorists have launched jihadist attacks against innocent people. Let’s not forget that it was a Muslim that attacked our military recruiting stations as well.

If we were to apply the same logic the left has applied to the confederate flag, all Muslims would have been deported by now.  The Muslim population in America has been applying the same tactics of the civil rights movement, acting as if they are oppressed victims who are constantly being discriminated against. Organizations like CAIR do little to speak out against the atrocities being committed against Christians in the Middle East while accusing us of being “Islamophobic.”  All references to Islamic terrorism have been scrubbed from law enforcement training manuals, and patriotic groups willing to stand against tyranny have been labeled as potential terrorists since the Obama administration took control.

Anybody paying close attention to what is going on in this country knows that the federal government is deliberately trying to instigate the patriot movement in order to lock the nation down. Many people scoff at this idea and accuse those who would suggest it of wearing “tin foil” hats. Sadly, there is an historical precedent, and it isn’t limited to just “patriot groups” but anyone the government would consider to be a political foe.  A program called COINTELPRO, (which stands for counter intelligence program) was created by the FBI in order to infiltrate political organizations and destroy them from the inside.  The program was created in 1956 and infiltrated groups like the Black Panthers, the U.S. Communist party, civil rights organizations, white supremacists and others that the FBI considered to be radical, including patriot militias.

The COINTELPRO program was used to infiltrate the Georgia militia in 1996 at the height of the militia movement. Militia members Robert Edward Star and William James McCranie were charged with manufacturing, with the intent to distribute, “shrapnel packed” pipe bombs. It was later revealed that these materials were planted on the property of militia members by COINTELPRO agents.  Listen to this recording by William Cooper as he discusses this revelation.  These are the same types of tactics employed in false flag operations such as Operation Northwoods. Here, the U.S. government wanted to go to war with Cuba so they proposed a “fake” terror campaign designed to give the illusion that Cuba was attacking us. It has been theorized that the
September 11 attacks, the
Gulf of Tonkin and even
Pearl Harbor were all false flag attacks designed to bring us into a war that Americans would have otherwise opposed.

Over the past year, it has become apparent that the militia movement in the United States is more than willing to stand against tyranny as they have responded to federal abuse of power at the Bundy Ranch and the Oregon mining standoff.

There is an agenda hostile to American values and traditions being implemented by the current Administration, and the American people are being pushed to their ultimate limits. In response to our pushback we have been labeled as domestic terrorists while the real terrorist are all but ignored. The Obama administration, with the help of Al Sharpton, purposefully instigated racial riots which resulted in the burning down of two cities. There is a literal war being waged against the police and yet those responsible are being treated as oppressed victims.

Muslims continue to behead Christians and burn people alive while hiding behind a false pretense of offense in order to push their agenda.  Muslims threaten to behead military families and the FBI has all but admitted that there are Muslim terror camps in nearly every state; yet they are now claiming that American patriots will commit the next terrorist attack against the Muslim population.  

The militia is all that stands between freedom and tyranny. It is obvious that they see the militia as a threat to their agenda or else they would be labeling the actions of those killing police officers as acts of terrorism as well.  The criminal element that can be organized to do the bidding of the devil has no concern for what happens to the country; patriots on the other hand will die fighting for it. Labeling us as domestic terrorists is a deliberate tactic to be rid of us once and for all.

Why don’t you email the FBI with your opinions [email protected]

To learn more about the psychopolitical agenda and communist indoctrination, check out my book “Not on my watch: Exposing the Marxist agenda in education.”

*Article by David Risselada

The Washington Standard

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