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Communist Democrats Demand Gun Confiscation: Background Checks are not Enough!

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The political winds continue to shift, and the Democrat Party seems to be growing ever more confident about their immediate future because they are getting ever more aggressive about infringing on our rights.

Whether it’s about forcing us into genderless bathrooms, or forcing us to do work we find morally repugnant, or telling us what we can and cannot say (or think), the Democrats are assaulting our freedom on many different fronts. Now they’ve moved back to one of their favorite tyrannical hobbyhorses… the 2ndAmendment.

The Democrat poster girl for gun violence, former Representative Gabby Giffords (D-AZ) is now busy campaigning across the USA in an effort to push liberal legislators further left on guns. Less than two years after forcing universal background checks on to the citizens of Washington State, Giffords and the Democrat Party are now actively campaigning for new laws that would allow firearm confiscation!

From Breitbart:

The orders — “Extreme Risk Protection Orders” — would be similar to California’s Gun Violence Restraining Orders, inasmuch as they would allow “family or household members” to petition a judge to order the temporary confiscation of firearms from another family member or person living in the household.

Seattlepi.com reported on Giffords’ visit to support the confiscatory orders contained in Initiative 1491. The outlet quoted Giffords urging a crowd of about 1,500 to support I-1491, saying, “We must never stop fighting! Fight, fight, fight. Be bold, be courageous. The nation is counting on you.” Giffords’ husband Mark Kelly traveled with her, and he explained that they support the initiative over legislation because it allows them to get around the opposition to confiscatory orders that currently prevails in the U.S. Congress as well as the Washington state legislature.

If Washington State does pass this legislation it will connect them with California and Connecticut as three states, which are actively (and stridently) contradicting the Bill of Rights and our basic liberties.California and Connecticut both allow some form of gun confiscation without due process, and you can bet more liberal states and communities will begin trying the same unlawful tactics.

Article posted with permission from Eagle Rising. Article by Onan Coca.

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