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Congressman: DOJ Should Do Its Job & Investigate Leaks

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Congressman Devin Nunes (R-CA) has had a rough year.

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He was forced to recuse himself from chairing a very important investigation when his Democrat colleagues and the media smeared him with the taint of Russian scandal.

He had been doggedly investigating the possibility that Russia had been meddling in our election when he uncovered a scandal that led back to the Obama White House.

That discovery fueled a rabid backlash against Nunes that threatened to derail some very important Congressional investigations, which is why Nunes eventually recused himself from leading those investigations.

Now, months later, he is again calling for the Department of Justice to do its job and investigate the crimes unfolding in D.C.

On Monday’s episode of the new Fox News show the Ingraham Angle, Nunes explained what was going on.

INGRAHAM: Adam Schiff, your Democrat counterpart, has said that you have become, you, have become an obstacle to the Trump-Russia collusion investigation because, you know, you stepped aside and then you didn’t step aside. Can you clear that up for us because that’s confusing to people? People think you recused yourself, but you never did.

NUNES: There is a lot of crazy things that the media, the mainstream media says about me and others. But the bottom line is this: We are being obstructed in this investigation. We have for a long time. There is no question that I was attacked viciously by the left. You are well aware of it, to try to get me off.

INGRAHAM: They were trying to intimidate you from speaking out, which is what they do to a lot of people, did they not?

NUNES: Remember, it was all over me originally going to the White House.

INGRAHAM: That you looked at these documents.

NUNES: I looked at documents —

INGRAHAM: The unmasking.

NUNES: — where Trump officials had been unmasked.

INGRAHAM: Yeah. Right.

NUNES: Some of those ended up in the media. This is the problem with leaks from our major intelligence services.

INGRAHAM: Deep state is leaking. They’re leaking to make you look bad. Are you going to bring back Susan Rice and others to testify? Samantha Power, bringing them back?

NUNES: Unfortunately, we are bringing back a lot of the people, or the DOJ could do their job and begin to investigate.

INGRAHAM: I’m not thinking Bob Mueller is going to rush to that. But maybe I’m just pessimistic. Thank you very much, congressman.

Article posted with permission from Constitution.com. Article by Onan Coca.

The Washington Standard

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