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Covington, GA Incident Prompts Influx Of Social Justice Warriors, Supported By Illiterate Commissioner Chairman

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There are no shortage of social justice warriors who rale against law enforcement performing their duties in violation of the law and policy.  And, there are no shortage of law enforcement agencies who look the other way or support, fiercely, officers who violate an individual’s God-given unalienable rights.  However, when law enforcement officers follow procedure during an encounter with an individual who has multiple outstanding warrants and attempt multiple times to resist arrest, social justice warriors swarm the community in support of the individual while condemning the law enforcement agency.  Of course, this mostly happens when the officer is white and the offender black, which was the exact incident occurring in the city of Covington, Georgia.

As someone who holds to the values and principles of founding and works to follow God’s laws and commandments, police officers, law enforcement agencies, politicians, and those in government who commit injustice and violate the law should be held accountable to the law, receive due process, and if determined to be guilty, receive punishment according to the law; the same with laypersons who violate the law, commit injustice, and engage in criminal activity. When law enforcement officers follow good procedure, policy and the law, these officers should be supported.

According to The Newton Citizen:

Allegations of excessive use of force in the arrest of Breonna Bell, a 26-year-old Covington woman, have stirred controversy in the Covington community and beyond after a video of her apprehension was circulated on social media.

Bell was arrested May 9 in the Nelson Heights community by the Covington Police Department after she called for an officer to retrieve the keys from inside a locked vehicle. According to the CPD, it was known to officers that Bell had outstanding warrants for probation violation in both Covington and Gwinnett County.

Bell, who was holding her 8-month-old son, allegedly resisted the officer’s attempts to take her into custody. The officer ultimately forced her to the ground before he could handcuff her.

On Tuesday morning, Gerald Rose, founder of New Order National Human Rights Organization, Gene Wills, member of East Metro for Social Justice, Archie Shepard, founder of Newton County’s National Action Network, J.C. Henderson, Newton County commissioner and Bell’s family members hosted a press conference outside the Covington Police Department headquarters.

This occurred in response to a few seconds of a video posted to Facebook showing the probation violator, Breonna Bell, face down on the pavement with her pants around her ankles.  What was not shown in the Facebook video that was captured by the officer’s body cam was Bell’s pants falling down on their own.  So, based on a few seconds of Facebook video that only showed Bell, who had multiple outstanding probation violation warrants in multiple jurisdictions, face down on the ground with her pants around her ankles, it prompted the swarm of social justice warriors to descend on the Covington Police Department.  Interestingly, the Facebook video showing Bell face down on the pavement with her pants around her ankles is unavailable for view.  However, WSB-TV did obtain part of the police body camera footage as well as report on the incident.  Partial police body camera video appears on the Facebook page of Jazmin Stephens, a witness who was in the vehicle.

The mix of protestors included Newton County Board of Commissioners J. C. Henderson, who is rumored to be illiterate and requires others to inform him about issues coming up for a vote and in some cases, instruct him on how to vote on issues arising before the Board.

Gerald Rose, during the press conference, stated, “I’m not saying all police are bad, but there are some bad apples,” implying the officer during the encounter was operating outside policy and law.

During the conference, Henderson asked, “I just have to ask what if this was your sister or your daughter?  Is this how you would want her to be treated?”  Based on a few seconds of video, Henderson was ready to side with an individual police body camera proved resisted arrest and shut a vehicle door on the officer in an attempt to avoid arrest, while endangering her own 8-month old child.

The Newton Citizen continued:

The officer’s body cam video footage showed the officer’s initial attempts to take Bell into custody and her efforts to resist. Bell was holding her son in her arms as police struggled to pull her out of the front passenger seat of witness Jazmin Stephens’ car.

“As I attempted to remove (Bell) from the car I made sure not to grab the arm holding the baby,” said the responding officer in a report to news media. “As she sat down in the car, the baby fell from her arm due to her actions, resisting my verbal commands while attempting to get away from me.”

Body camera footage showed the moment the child fell. The officer grabbed at Bell’s right arm while she held the boy with the crook of her left arm.

“The officer was attempting to get her to release the child to an aunt sitting in the car, but she did not want to do that,” CPD Capt. Ken Malcom said in media interviews.

According to the CPD, Bell’s friend took the baby from her while Bell attempted to close the car door with the officer standing in the doorway. Police said Bell then attempted to exit the vehicle and push the officer away.

Once Bell was out of the car, video showed Bell’s pants fall. The officer continued instruct Bell to “give up” and place her hands behind her back, according to the CPD, but she continued to struggle. At that point, police say she was forced to the ground and handcuffed with the assistance of a backup officer.

Bell was checked by EMS before being transported to jail.     

Several questions come to mind.  First, why would an individual who more than likely knows there are outstanding probation violation warrants in the city of Covington call for police officers to unlock a vehicle to retrieve keys from inside the vehicle?  Second, why would an individual holding an infant resist arrest by struggling with police officers?  Third, why would social justice groups and an illiterate member of the Board of Commissioners rally to the defense of this individual based on a “few seconds of video” on Facebook, which conveniently is not there now, but was provided by WSB-TV Channel 2, Atlanta, GA?  Fourth, was the car in which Bell was the passenger the car that needed unlocking or was it another vehicle with an individual present to serve as a witness to the events?  Fifth, if this was a separate vehicle from the one needing unlocking, why did Bell not obtain a ride to retrieve an extra set of keys?  Sixth, why would any individual wear a pair of pants that had the potential to fall down without any assistance?  Last but not least, why would an individual wait to record the encounter with police until an incident when taken out of context would appear damning to the police officer, the department and the captain of police?

Most mothers would submit to almost any violation or request to protect their child, or at least the ones this writer knows.  But, that is not what Bell did.  Moreover, women this writer knows, as well as this writer, would never appear in public wearing clothing that had the potential to expose oneself without any provocation or assistance.  But, Bell chose to wear pants with that potential.  And, according to Bell’s Facebook page, she is a resident of Glenwood, Georgia.

As it turns out, Covington Police Department Captain Ken Malcom happens to be a rival in the upcoming 2020 election for Newton County, Georgia Sheriff against none other than unconstitutional serving Sheriff Ezell Brown.  What better way to cast doubt upon an individual running opposite Brown in a bad light than portraying his opponent as supporting alleged police brutality or use of excessive force.  And, it would not be the first time that Brown and his “supporters” have engaged in smear tactics against the incumbent’s opposition.

Rumors abound in the rural community of impropriety of the elected Sheriff ranging from covering up a crime committed by a family member, which individuals allege is “common knowledge” throughout the county, to releasing arrested individuals through the back door of the Newton County jail based on race and religious affiliation, to creating a hardship for a former sheriff’s deputy who chose to run for the office of Sheriff against Brown.  However, no one spoken with can or will provide any substantial evidence to support these allegations due to the fear of reprisal through use of the Office of Sheriff resources.

One can go by past incidences involving Sheriff Ezell Brown that proves his support for violations of the Constitution – supporting extensive unconstitutional gun control laws, supporting/recommending an unlawful, unconstitutional “gun ordinance” in the county because of alleged reports of gunfire in a neighborhood where the Sheriff refuses to have deputies enforce existing laws, allowing Sheriff’s deputies to be used as “the strong arm” of the former Newton County Board of Commissioners and Chairman Keith Ellis as well as current members of the Board and current Chairman Marcello Banes to silence individuals speaking out against proposed county impropriety, and supporting illegal search and seizure committed by deputies in order to attend county board meetings resulting in denial of participation in the governmental process upon refusal to submit to violations of the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution for the united States of America.

It would not be far-fetched to assume that many rumors have some base of truth to them because of Brown’s proclivity to violate the Constitution.  If he would support, recommend, and allow infringement upon the basic God-given individual unalienable rights of citizens, allow deputies to engage in unlawful suppression of the freedom of speech at the behest of a Board of Commissioners Chairman when the Office of Sheriff does not work for the Board, and support and allow seizure of personal property unlawfully, then what other infringements would Sheriff Brown commit, support, recommend or allow?  Despite reporting known violations of the Sheriff, there is no agency that will investigate Brown, but will refer complainants to file a report with the Sheriff’s office.  What better way to discourage citizens from reporting violations of the Sheriff than to have citizens file a complaint with the Sheriff’s office opening themselves up for reprisal for anyone who dare question Sheriff Brown?

And, the sensationalist headline of the newspaper is enough to send the brainwashed masses into almost hysteria before reading one word.

But, I digress.

Gerald Rose indicated the “situation could have been handled better on both parts.”  Why not place the blame for the “situation” where it belongs – with the individual who knew she had violated her probation and probably had outstanding warrants, called the police anyway, then resisted arrest all while holding an infant?  But, what concerned Rose, he claimed, was the child;  but, then proceeded to play the race card.

“It is safe to say that the situation could have been handled better, on both parts,” said Rose on Tuesday. “But what caught my attention, was the child … this baby could’ve gotten really hurt. Situations like this have an effect on the younger generation, and we cannot let it happen again. Period … This is not just a black thing, as you can see we have all types of people here (pointing to the crowd behind him), but if she were a white woman, it would’ve been a different ball game.”

Basically, Rose accused the Covington Police Department along with Captain Ken Malcom, the opposing candidate for Sheriff against incumbent Sheriff Ezell Brown, of racism.  What better way to smear an opponent that portray that opponent as supporting racism and excessive use of force against blacks?  Why didn’t Rose say anything about the inappropriate actions of Bell?  Simple;  it didn’t fit the narrative of Rose, which portrayed Bell as a victim and Malcom, along with the Covington Police Department, as being racist, willing to use excessive force and endanger a child while being held in its mother’s arms.

Captain Malcom invited Rose and other community members to view the body camera footage after the press conference.  Breonna Bell was charged with obstructing an officer, probation violation and cruelty to children.  Captain Malcom maintained the officer acted according to policy based upon the video footage and witnesses on the scene.

Chairman of the Newton County Board of Commissioners, Marcello Banes, also a minister, urged citizens of the county to “stand together and pray against things that are meant to divide and stop the growth of our community.”

As chairman of Newton County, I have both the task and desire to ensure the success of our community. Absolutely vital to ensuring that success is us being a unified community. I would be negligent in my duties as chairman of Newton County if I did not publicly address concerns that oppose the mission of a successful and unified community. This statement is uncomfortable to write but is necessary in keeping our community on track to be the best it can be.

Presently, there are several issues in our community designed to split, divide and destroy the efforts of so many of us who have endured to build a better Newton County. Throughout the first five months of this year we have experienced sadness with five murders and an influx of teen suicides. There have been divisive and controversial issues such as the monument on the historic Covington Square and a lawsuit concerning racial discrimination with the Recreation Commission. Recently, the occurrence involving a city of Covington Police officer and an African American female has put Newton County, once again, in the news. In the last five days, I have received numerous calls, text messages and emails from citizens and officials wanting to know my position or stance on the issues.

My response is, simply, I stand for Newton County – a unified Newton County. As citizens, we must pull together and unify our community.

As the chairman of Newton County, as a minister, as a father, as a husband and as a devoted and committed member of this county I love, I am asking you to join me and pray for our community. In the privacy of my home, I will be praying for our community each morning at 5:30 a.m. I am asking that pastors, teachers, community leaders or anyone who knows the power of prayer to join me.

We must stand together and pray against the things that are meant to divide and stop the growth of our community. We must stand together and pray for guidance to address these issues in a manner that will result in productive and positive change.

I understand that with diversity there will always be opposing sides and disagreements. However, everyone can agree on wanting our families to thrive in a safe community, to be able to financially support our families and most importantly to be a part of a community that respects one another. I’m reminded of an old parable… “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”

I ask everyone in Newton County to pray, reflect and concentrate your positive thoughts with me.

This is the response of a politician, not a minister.  As a man of God, Banes should know that those who commit crimes, violate the law and engage in transgressions are to be held accountable to the law.  In other words, justice is to be brought upon those who transgress.  One can stand for unity by holding everyone accountable to just and righteous law, regardless of any demographic.  His response is one not from righteousness, but one intent on preserving his seat on the Board of Commissioners.  One can ask forgiveness from God in the name of Jesus Christ, turn from their wicked ways and receive that grace;  however, one is to be held accountable according to the just and righteous laws of society.  While Banes flaunts the love of God, he neglects to invoke the counsel of God.  Banes contends he received many calls and emails about this situation;  however, Banes is not the mayor of the City of Covington.  Why did not anyone contact the mayor of Covington, Ronnie Johnson?  Incidentally, Ronnie Johnson is a white male.  Guarantee you if anyone contacted Mayor Johnson, it would have appeared in the news.

One cannot expect the land to be healed while injustice and unrighteousness are tolerated and accepted.  To be clear, the injustice and unrighteousness here are unfounded accusations against an officer of the Covington Police Department and Captain Ken Malcom, by association, using only a few seconds of video on Facebook and an excusing of the behavior, violations and actions of Breonna Bell.  Moreover, while those attending the press conference played the “race card”, it has become prevalent that those who yell racism are the ones who perpetuate racism.

People reap what they sow.  If you sow discontent, you reap discontent.  If you sow racism, you reap racism.  While some claim to want unity, unity will not happen as long as individuals are allowed to claim victim status, individuals are not held accountable for their own actions, and do not suffer consequences for those actions.  When support for inequality of the law exists, corruption endures, injustice and unrighteousness condoned, members of the community divide along racial lines regardless of the truth, and community leaders fail to respond in a just and righteous manner, there cannot be unity.

All in all, this smells of a contrived, instigated event in order to smear a candidate seeking election to the Office of Sheriff and rally the black community to submit to emotionalism, sensationalism and a false narrative of racism instead of using critical thinking skills.  You shall know them by the fruit they yield.  Well, the fruit by many in this quaint little town and county is about as rotten as one can find anywhere.

Article posted with permission from Freedom Outpost

The Washington Standard

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