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Cruz, Rubio & Even Christie Unite on Mainstream Media Takedown

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My favorite part of the CNBC GOP presidential debate had to be the way the GOP candidates stuck together against the biased, ‘low-blow’ nature of the questions that CNBC was tossing at them. Maybe this debate was just what the GOP race for president needed. Maybe now the conservative candidates will realize that their primary opponents are not the enemy. Maybe now they’ll begin to focus their fire (and their ire) on their Democrat opponents instead of on each other. I’m not incredibly optimistic, but I’m hopeful.

The very best moments came when Senators Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Marco Rubio (R-FL) parried attacks from the liberal CNBC moderators and turned the spurious “questions” back at them to great effect.

I’ve collected the clips from some of their best moments for you to enjoy.

Ted Cruz attacks media bias, argues that voters want to hear about the real issues:

Marco Rubio continues the attack on media bias after CNBC and the Sun-Sentinel give him the perfect opening with their naked hypocrisy on missed Senate votes.

Rubio also scored with an awesome one-liner about Super-PAC’s.

Chris Christie (R-NJ) also had a couple of strong moments where he exposed the media’s disconnect with the average American voter. For example… nobody cares about Fantasy football and nobody wants the government to get involved in it!

Christie also managed to flip a weakness (his position on climate change) into a strength by attacking the moderators for being rude.

Interestingly enough, these three men – Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and Chris Christie – were the clear winners (along with Donald Trump) during the CNBC debate (in my opinion). The candidates should all take note of this. Those who had the guts to stick up to the moderators and jump into the fray were looked on as clear-cut winners by the live audience, which made them the clear-cut winners to the viewers on TV too. The candidates must all become more vocal, more energetic and more willing to engage ON THE ISSUES if they hope to win the nomination.

I hope that in the future the candidates will decide to eschew attacking each other (as John Kasich and Jeb Bush have done in recent days) and focus on taking the attack to the Democrats instead.

*Article by Onan Coca

The Washington Standard

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