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Democrat Presidential Hopefuls Present Their Destruction Of America Plans At Debates

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One thing you can gather from the first Democrat presidential debates is not a single candidate is for the American people, the country, or improving anything at all. Their top priority is to destroy everything the United States stands for as a free, constitutional nation and implement their neo-Nazi core of Socialism.

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They want universal healthcare, which boils down to not only free health care, but welfare, food stamps, housing, and a slew of other public assistance programs.

The problem with this is, such government assistance mainly applies to those in the US illegally, not US citizens.

Virtually every Democrat candidate wants to provide every person here illegally with the Utopian idea of getting everything without having to do anything at all.

The cost of having to care for millions of people here illegally is over $140 billion per year, this figure represents current costs, not what the costs would be after a Democrat president implements a totally free assistance program, which BTW, would be nearly a trillion dollars annually.

The Dems want free college tuition for everyone as well as forgiving all student debt. The actual cost of a Sanders-type, free tuition program is around $50 billion per year. The cost of forgiving all student debt is around $1.4 trillion altogether.

Democrat candidates want reparations for just about everything you can think of from slavery, LGBTQ, Native Americans, to illegal aliens. Under this perspective, everyone would be paying everyone else for a variety of reasons, nixing the necessity of reparations altogether.

Using slavery as an example of the Left’s insanity, there is not a single person alive today that either was a slave or owned a slave, which makes no one responsible for paying anyone else at all.

The estimated cost of reparations just for slavery would be around $14 trillion dollars.

The biggest cost of all that every Democrat supports is climate change legislation. Estimates from $600 billion to $4.5 trillion dollars, depending on goals, lands us at paying trillions of dollars per year at a comfortable middle.

The bottom line here is that the total costs of having a Democrat in the Oval Office would run the American taxpayer around $20 trillion dollars per year, most of it recurring annually. Such debt would be disastrous to the country and put the economy into a deep Depression which would make the Great Depression look like fabulous times.

Democrats are running on a platform of the destruction of the USA, from the economy to totally tossing the Constitution to permitting millions of people here illegally to vote in Federal elections, to raping American taxpayers of trillions of dollars per year.

They know the country could not survive under their implemented insanity, which is exactly why they have adopted such a doctrine of destruction.

We now have an enemy operating within our own government which intends to totally take control of the last remaining pockets of American Patriots in office, then implement the second rise of Nazism here in the USA.

Tony Elliott

Tony is an established writer with articles in over 20 publications of differing topics Political Commentary Columnist for the Cimarron News Press in Cimarron, New Mexico from 2001 to 2003 generating the controversy I was hired for. I also was a regular writer for several small coastal newspapers in Southern Oregon during the early 1990's. BOOKS: Aura Visions: The Origin Prophecy, Enviroclowns: The Climate Change Circus, Strange Sounds: A Research Report
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