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Democrats Unlawfully Intimidate Journalists Reporting Their Impeachment Lies

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A troubling moment in the House Intelligence Committee’s Democrat impeachment push came when Daniel Goldman, the Democrat’s lawyer, pushed Marie Yovanovitch to claim that conservative journalists reporting on her, including John Solomon and the Daily Wire, were somehow threatening.

Here’s CNN pushing this line.

Marie Yovanovitch, the former United States ambassador to Ukraine, testified before the House on Friday that she was troubled by the misinformation disseminated about her by Fox News and other right-wing media entities.

“I was worried,” Yovanovitch said, after having earlier on in her testimony said that she believed she had been the target of a smear campaign led in part by Rudy Giuliani, President Trump’s lawyer.

Daniel Goldman, the attorney who led some of the questioning of Yovanovitch for the Democrats, showed the former ambassador one of Trump’s tweets from earlier this year attacking her. 

The Trump tweet cited John Solomon, a Fox contributor and former executive at The Hill, and tagged Sean Hannity, the Fox host extremely supportive of the President. 

Goldman also showed Yovanovitch another tweet Donald Trump Jr. had posted earlier in the year which cited the right-wing website The Daily Wire. “What were you worried about?” Goldman asked Yovanovitch.

“That … these attacks were being repeated by the President himself and his son,” Yovanovitch answered. 

There is intimidation here, and it’s once again of conservative media. The Democrats and their proxies are continuing to wage war on the conservative journalists who are reporting on their misconduct. And they’re using their kangaroo court committee impeachment hearings as tools in this assault on journalism.

The Washington Standard

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