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Don’t Blame Me, I’m Pro-Life

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They are killing babies, you know?  All across America, under the sleepy eyes of the American church, the ghouls continue to rip apart the tender bodies of precious unborn babies.

I wish I could say it in a more graphic way.  I wish I could find the words to awaken supposed God-fearing Christians to the holocaust of the pre-born citizens in a city near you.

A calloused heart.  There is no other explanation for it.  Church pews filled with self-proclaimed servants of Christ who continue to treat their neighbor’s child with the heartless sin of apathy.

Oh, they are pro-life alright.  At least they claim to be.  But those who kill the babies are also pro-life.  They just happen to choose the life of the mother over the life of the child.  They don’t want the mother’s life to ne messed up by some pesky new-born life that will complicate their future plans.

“Pro-life” is a slogan.  Christians are good with slogans.  They hide behind them.  They use quasi-Bible verses as a reason to divert their eyes from the slaughter.  “I PERSONALLY am against abortion, but who am I to judge what someone else does?”  What a crock of hooey!!  Pro-choice with exceptions.  That is where most Christians stand.

Our once fiery pulpits are now filled by compromised men who are afraid to cry out for their pre-born neighbor for fear of awakening the conscience of the “Best life Now” women who don’t want to be reminded of the dastardly thing they did to their precious child in a moment of selfish fear and panic.

January 22, 1973, is 46 years ago and still today the carnage continues.  The news just got worse as we have just been informed that abortion is now the leading cause of death in the world.  There were more deaths from abortion in 2018 than all deaths from cancer, malaria, HIV/AIDS, smoking, alcohol, and traffic accidents combined.

Choice.  It sounds so harmless…the word choice.  Sometimes soft, ambivalent words are the most dangerous.  Infanticide, child sacrifice, and dismemberment all give a more realistic ring to “women’s health care.”  How can a process that results in death ever be called health care?

But Christians are pro-life alright.  Consider the bumper sticker I saw on a car the other day. “Abortion stops a beating heart.”  I wanted to stop the driver and scream, “Yep!  Now, what are you gonna do about it?”

But, of course, that would be far too judgmental for America’s snowflake Christians.

Why do we hate our children?  When did we become so selfish that we began to see children as a burden rather than a blessing?  What kind of people have we become?  For forty-six years we have stuffed our fingers in our ears and whistled past Planned Parenthood while the “Government” picks our pockets in support of this most evil of all “medical procedures.”

But it gets worse than that.  As if killing our children was not bad enough we now have the testimony, under oath, of a medical expert who admits that premature babies killed in their mother’s womb are, in fact, being experimented on in a Frankenstein like manner by “scientists” in America.  We now know that they cannibalize the babies for vaccines.

Oh yeah.  Think I am lying right?  You remember when Planned Barenhood was accused of selling the body parts of the “blobs of tissues” that they had terminated?  Remember the undercover videos and the “price lists” that we were given, like a menu, to the infantivores we were told didn’t exist?  Here is a video that exposed it all.  The media called him a liar and sued.

Abortion was only 3% of the services that Planned Murderhood offered in their “women’s clinics the liars told us.  Well, that lie went out the window this week as their new President admitted that promotion of abortion was their “core mission.”   Dumb me.  I thought they were all about pap smears, mammograms, and condoms.  I guess if you would kill a baby then lying probably doesn’t cause your conscience to bleed very badly.

Most of you probably don’t believe what you read here.  You don’t want to.  You want to keep your eyes shut and fingers in your ears over what is occurring in well-manicured suburbs all across this nation.  Can we be truthful?  Abortion is about pride.  Most women won’t passionately fight against it for fear that their precious teenage daughter may need to exercise her “choice” sometime in the near future.  Sin makes strange bedfellows.

Here is the video of the expert admitting they experiment on unborn babies for use in vaccines.  Notice the soul-less response of this monster. Watch it and weep.  This is 2 minutes from hell.

I hear a lot of criticism from Christians because President Trump hasn’t kept his promise to defund Planned Parenthood.  Why should he?  It doesn’t matter to Christians and it certainly doesn’t matter to Christian leaders.  Why would anyone expect President Trump to do the job that the average American pastor only occasionally refers to from the pulpit?

January 18th is the 46th Annual March For Life in Washington DC.  Hundreds of thousands will make the annual pilgrimage as a form of penance while failing to acknowledge their complicity in the murder of unborn children.  Abortion exists only because the American church does not hate it.

American Christians have blood on our hands.  No amount of marching will wash it off.  Voting won’t stop it. Abortion will end ONLY when the American Church demands it must stop.

They are killing babies, you know.  All across America, under the sleepy eyes of the American church, the ghouls continue to rip apart the tender bodies of precious unborn babies.  If they did it to a puppy most Christians would shriek.

Every abortion clinic in America should have a sign hanging over the door.  OPEN FOR BUSINESS WITH THE PERMISSION OF THE LOCAL CHURCH.

But don’t blame me.  I’m Pro-Life.

Article by Dave Daubenmire

The Washington Standard

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