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Drapetomania and the True Origins of Racism

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Once again, the left is showing their true colors and proving that racism is squarely in their corner. In the same way they have attacked Clarence Thomas, Herman Cain and other prominent black Americans for leaving the plantation of self-hatred and dependency, they have launched a vicious assault on Kanye West for his support of Donald Trump. He has been called mentally ill and Trumps “token negro” by CNN. They even went so far as to say that West’s support for Trump is what happens when “negroes don’t read.”

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he left works relentlessly to paint conservatives as “white supremacists” and racists, however, their insistence that black Americans think like they do and stay trapped in a world where they are downtrodden and oppressed is more indicative of racism.

The right believes in equality of opportunity for all, meaning that everyone regardless of race can achieve anything based on their own merits. It is the left that is so intensely focused on the issue of race. They insist that black Americans hold onto this misguided sense of resentment for something that they themselves did not experience. They insist that black Americans denounce the notion of individualism and merit and stay trapped in this cycle of dependency. In this author’s humble opinion, the very definition of white supremacy is the notion that black Americans can’t have a fair shot without the help of the white, liberal welfare state!

To illustrate this further, consider the origins of the white privilege concept that has taken the nation by storm. White privilege education actually started because it was believed minority students were not as capable as whites of keeping up with the lesson plans. The following is an excerpt from my new book Psychopolitics in America: A Nation Under Conquest.

“White privilege education originates from a program called Create Wisconsin. It was created in 2009 by the Wisconsin Department of Instruction to study the challenges that minority students faced because public education, it was argued, was geared towards white kids and not minorities. 

It argues that minority students sometimes struggle because public education is geared toward white students, and lessons are often delivered in a manner that minority students can’t understand. It argues that too many minority students are placed in special education because school officials fail to understand their strengths, challenges, and cultural norms. In short, the achievement gap that exists between white and minority students has less to do with ability than culture, and the lack of a level playing field in schools.

Every year there is an annual White Privilege Conference hosted by a group bearing that name. Their goal, as noted on their public website, is to “deconstruct the white culture” to achieve racial justice. The idea of deconstructing whiteness is one that is rapidly catching on, as universities across the country are adding this to their preexisting social justice programs. Illinois’ Northwestern University—a prestigious private university, mind you—is one such school looking to shame people for being white. White students looking to participate in social justice are encouraged to explore why their whiteness should lead to feelings of guilt. Other topics designed to deconstruct white culture are intellectualizing racism vs. real feelings of racism and appropriate terminology to use when discussing issues of race. 

What they are arguing for is a system based not on the student’s ability, but on cultural differences and the assumption that minority students aren’t able to comprehend the lessons being taught. This in and of itself is racism because they are arguing that minorities are not as smart as white kids and need extra help. Because of this assumption the entire education system has been dumbed down to a lower standard, which creates lower expectations for everyone. Every year at Wisconsin’s annual White Privilege Conference it is further taught that America’s culture is inherently racist and that minority students need special treatment to succeed. If that isn’t the textbook definition of racism, then I wouldn’t know what is.”

The truth is that this attitude is based on the disciplines of psychology and psychiatry, which have their origins in the Darwinian theory of evolution. In evolutionary theory, humankind is an evolving process, i.e. the survival of the fittest type of mentality. People ascribing to this theory have traditionally viewed blacks as being inferior and without wills of their own. In fact, a term drapetomania refers to the idea that blacks prefer to live a life of servitude as opposed to freedom. The following is an excerpt from Psychopolitics in America.

“In a report entitled Psychiatry and Racism: Psychiatry’s Betrayal, the Citizens Commission on Human Rights shows the historical roots between racist attitudes and the fields of psychiatry and psychology.

For centuries, Psychiatry and Psychology have provided the scientific justification of racism and the resultant abuse, assault and genocide of targeted races and groups.

Francis Galton, according to the Citizens Commission on Human Rights, was an English psychologist who was related to Charles Darwin and shared in many of his views concerning his theory of evolution. Galton, because he believed in evolutionary science, was convinced that Africans were inferior. Stating in his book Tropical South Africa that they had no independent will of their own, Galton believed that Africans needed leadership and preferred a life of servitude. This belief is what was later used to justify slavery. In fact, Africans who resisted slavery were considered mentally ill, as it was generally believed that blacks were incapable of self-care and freedom. This disease was referred to as Drapetomania. 

Today, with the white privilege narrative raging across the nation, it seems that anyone disagreeing with this consensus is being accused of racism. The Left is pushing the idea that blacks need government welfare to level the playing field, when in fact it is this welfare and government dependence that keeps them down.”

The left fights to convince minorities that they are oppressed victims and that they are unable to compete in a nation such as ours because of the inherent racism built within the institutions. The only institutional racism that exists is within the ranks of the Democrat Party. Their behavior towards Kanye and other conservative blacks is right in line with the what is described in the above paragraphs. They treat the fact that they have chosen to think for themselves and question the mainstream narrative as some type of disease. They launch vicious assaults against them just as if they are hunting down escaped slaves. It is the backward mentality of the left, which views blacks and other minorities as inferior and in need of “special help” that is the real white supremacism. It is the insistence that blacks view themselves as victims as opposed to citizens with equal opportunity that holds them back and keeps them impoverished. Which is right where the Democrat party wants them, poor and voting Democrat!

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Article posted with permission from David Risselada

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