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Elon Musk Panics Over Discovering 90% Of Twitter Users Are FAKE Spambots – We Could’ve Told Him That!

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Steve Stockman used to be my favorite congressman. Why? Because he was HONEST. Obviously that’s why he’s no longer around. In fact his honesty might be why he is now a convicted felon.

In March 2017, Stockman was arrested for allegedly conspiring to use contributions designated for a charity to fund his campaign and for personal use, a felony, under 18 U.S.C. § 371.[citation needed]

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), in January 2013, Stockman requested and received $350,000 in donations from an unidentified businessman. Stockman allegedly solicited the money by using the name of Life Without Limits, a Las Vegas-based nonprofit intended to help people who have experienced traumatic events. The donation was allegedly intended to be used to renovate the Freedom House in Washington D.C.[66]

Stockman was also charged with conspiracy to falsify statements when reporting contributions to try to launder the money.[67][68]

The FBI alleged that at the time of the events in question, Stockman had no formal control of the Life Without Limits organization, but that he had opened multiple bank accounts under the name “Stephen E Stockman dba Life Without Limits.” The FBI also alleged that financial records indicate that Stockman “made no significant expenditures toward the purchase, renovation, or operation of the ‘Freedom House,’ which was never opened.”[69]

Stockman conspired with Thomas Dodd, a former campaign worker and congressional special assistant. According to the Houston Chronicle, the alleged conspiracy involved attempts “to bilk conservative foundations out of at least $775,000 in donations meant for charitable purposes or voter education”. Dodd was indicted by a Federal grand jury in Houston and, on March 20, 2017, he pleaded guilty.[70][71] Dodd was sentenced to 18 months and ordered to pay a fine of $800,000.[72]

Stockman staffer Jason Posey entered a guilty plea before Chief U.S. District Judge Lee Rosenthal to counts of wire fraud, mail fraud, and money laundering. He faced a prison term of up to 45 years and a fine of more than $4.8 million, plus hundreds of thousands more in restitution. Posey admitted that at Stockman’s direction he and Dodd illegally funneled hundreds of thousands of dollars from charitable foundations and individuals in charge of the foundations to pay for Stockman’s campaigns and personal expenses. On April 2, 2019, Posey was sentenced to 18 months and ordered to pay a fine of $720,000.[72]

On March 28, 2017, a federal grand jury issued a 28 count indictment that included 24 counts against Stockman. He was accused of obtaining $1.25 million under false pretenses and using the funds for his political campaigns.[73] He was charged with eleven counts of money laundering, eight counts of mail and wire fraud, one count of conspiracy to make “conduit contributions” and false statements (conspiracy to conceal the real source of the contributions by false attribution), two counts of making false statements to the Federal Election Commission, one count of making excessive contributions, and one count of willfully filing a false 2013 Federal income tax return by not reporting some of his income. Posey was charged with money laundering, mail and wire fraud, conspiracy to make conduit contributions and false statements, making false statements to the Federal Election Commission, making excessive contributions, and falsification of records.[74][75] Due to its complexity and the need for time to review 142,378 pages of documents disclosed by the prosecution, a motion for postponement of Stockman’s trial by his court-appointed attorney was granted. His trial began on January 29, 2018.[76][77]

On April 12, 2018, Stockman was convicted by a jury on 23 of the 24 felony counts against him, for which he faced up to 20 years in prison for each count. He was acquitted on one count of wire fraud. Because he was judged to be a flight risk, he was remanded into custody pending sentencing,[2][3] which was re-set for November 7, 2018.[citation needed]

On November 7, 2018, he was sentenced to serve ten years in prison and ordered to pay $1,014,718.51 in restitution, to be followed by three years of supervised release.[78] Stockman is incarcerated at the low-security federal prison in Beaumont, Texas,[79] pending his release following the commutation of his sentence.[citation needed]

On December 22, 2020, Stockman’s sentence was commuted by President Donald Trump and he was released from the Beaumont facility, serving only 2 years of his 10 year sentence. According to the White House, he will remain subject to a period of supervised release and an order requiring that he pay more than $1,000,000 in restitution.[citation needed]


I can’t tell you the facts of Steve Stockman’s innocence or guilt. What I will say is that this man opened my eyes to the fakeness of Twitter. I may not have as large a following as many, but they are mostly real people. I’ve used software to check on it so I know.

Anyway, recently Elon Musk made comments that upwards of 90% of Twitter users are nothing but fake accounts.

We had that article up yesterday and it made me laugh honestly. Why? Because we have been following the fake Twitter bot story since 2013. Elon should have read DC Clothesline.

PRESS RELEASE from the Office of Steve Stockman

Obama anti-gun campaign ‘using the same scam techniques that sell male enhancement pills’

WASHINGTON – A study of messages received by Congressman Steve Stockman (R-Texas 36) reveals two-thirds of the “grassroots supporters” backing President Barack Obama’s #WeDemandAVote anti-gun campaign are computer-generated spambots.

“Obama’s anti-gun campaign is a fraud.  Obama’s anti-gun activists are trying to defraud Congress using the same scam that sells ‘male enhancement pills.’  Every day thousands of Americans call, write and email the Capitol opposing Obama’s anti-gun schemes.  Obama’s supporters are panicking and willing to do anything to create the appearance of popular support, even if it means trying to defraud Congress,” said Stockman.

“I call upon the President to denounce this phony spam campaign,” said Stockman. “And to release all internal White House communications regarding his anti-gun political campaign.”

Stockman’s campaign Twitter account received only 16 tweets following Obama’s command to his followers to tweet their congressman demanding a vote on gun control.

All 16 of the messages are identical, beginning with the campaign account’s Twitter name, followed by an identical statement, and ending with Obama’s anti-gun campaign hashtag.  The campaign received no other messages backing the President’s campaign.

A close look at the senders’ accounts reveal only six are actual people.

The other 10 are fake, computer-generated spambots.

•    They all use the default “egg” avatar.
•    They have account names resembling names automatically suggested by Twitter.
•    They have engaged in no human interaction.
•    They have tweeted almost nothing promotional, sponsored messages pushing real estates websites and other liberal “grassroots” campaigns.
•    They follow mostly MSNBC anchors or media outlets, not actual people.

Reporter Robert Stacy McCain’s investigation of the fraudulent Obama campaign, available at www.theothermccain.com, finds the majority of the Obama-supporting accounts were created in less than 48 hours before contacting members of Congress.

Even more interesting, Stockman staff find two accounts happened to tweet Stockman back-to-back.  Both have only one follower, former Obama digital strategist Brad Schenck.

Schenck somehow found and followed them before they ever tweeted anything, followed anyone or followed any real people.

Of the six real people who contacted Stockman only one can be verified as a constituent.  One lives outside the district and the remaining four do not list where they live.

“If you are a real person who contacted us about your support for the President’s anti-gun campaign, we are listening.  We do not agree with you, but we appreciate your sincere opinions and encourage you to continue to contact us,” said Stockman.  “But the vast majority of the President’s supporters have no feelings because they fake profiles from spammers.”

“The White House has some explaining to do.  My own staff, and others looking into Obama’s Twitter campaign, find the vast majority of messages are coming from fraudulent accounts.  Some of these accounts are linked directly to a former Obama staffer.  To what extent is the White House involved in this attempt to defraud Congress,” said Stockman.

Stockman staff have screen-captured all account information, tweets, followers and accounts followed for the fraudulent spambots.


This guy ended up doing time after this and many other exposures in his brief congressional career. Steve Stockman was one of those guys that stood for the people.

Steve Stockman may have eventually committed a felony, but he was always fighting for the people in the years I watched him, so I have my doubts on his actual guilt.

I took what he taught me and made stories of the fraudulent Twitter following on occasion.

I’m just going to reprint our entire article from yesterday, in which Elon Musk revealed that upwards of 90% of Twitter users are spambots.

Enjoy and keep fighting for truth.

FAKED CONSENSUS: Elon Musk suggests up to 90% of Twitter users are BOTS, not humans

(Natural News) His plan to buy Twitter is now on hold after billionaire Elon Musk came to the conclusion that most of Twitter is just artificial intelligence (AI) robots posing as human users.

Based on his team’s assessment, Musk believes that up to 90 percent of Twitter’s entire platform is fake. The vast majority of its “daily users,” it appears, are automated spam bots that the tech giant uses to induce mass formation psychosis and other forms of brainwashing.

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is likely behind the AI bot front on Twitter. These same spam bots are also likely present on other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram as well.

“After all, it’s no secret that the powers that be are conducting military-grade psy-ops on the public,” writes Vince Quill for WeLoveTrump.com. (Related: Conservatives have reportedly been celebrating the news that Musk is planning to buy Twitter.)

“All of us have at one point or another encountered bots, sometimes it was obvious, other times not so much, but 90% of the users being bots is just beyond the pale.”

Twitter’s bot check sample size is only 100 users, Musk reveals

What this means, of course, is that Twitter itself, along with the rest of Big Tech, is little more than a social engineering tool to manipulate and brainwash the masses into believing the scripted reality that psychopaths are using for control.

If Musk can prove that Twitter is mostly fake, he will likely be able to purchase the company for a much smaller amount than his initial bid. The revelations that come out of all this will also likely expose Twitter for the fraud that it has long been.

On May 13, Musk tweeted that he was going to take a random sampling of users to try to come up with an estimate for the number of bots on Twitter. The sample size he used was 100, which is apparently what Twitter uses internally for metrics purposes.

“Twitter legal just called to complain that I violated their NDA (non-disclosure agreement) by revealing the bot check sample size is 100!” Musk wrote. “This actually happened.”

According to Twitter, less than 5 percent of its platform is bots, but Musk believes otherwise. Who is correct? And more importantly, will the full truth ever be revealed, leading to justice on the matter?

So far, Twitter has failed to produce any actual evidence to back its claim that less than 5 percent of the platform is fake. And Musk still wants to know: Where’s the evidence?

Former President Donald Trump sent a message to his followers about the issue, stating that Musk will be paying too much for Twitter if he goes with his original bid because Twitter “is a company largely based on BOTS or Spam Accounts,” Trump wrote.

“Fake anyone?” he added. “By the time you get rid of them, if that can even be done, what do you have? Not much? If it weren’t for the ridiculous Billion Dollar breakup fee, Elon would have already been long gone.”

“Just my opinion,” Trump added, proceeding to plug his own platform, “but Truth Social is MUCH better than Twitter and is absolutely exploding, incredible engagement!”

In the comment section at WeLoveTrump.com, someone wrote that he was suspended from Twitter for tweeting about how ivermectin is a safe and effective remedy for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19).

“Twitter is another DARPA creation,” wrote another. “It is controlled by the government for the government. We are given the illusion of freedom and fair and open markets which is not true by a long shot.”


So did Elon Musk just save Twitter for all of us? Really? or…

Did he just flush billions of dollars down the crapper?

I’m glad he bought it and hope he does well, but he’s going to need humans on there to make it work.

LMAO…Good luck Mr. Musk. Backing out might be the smart move financially, and none of us would blame you, but we need you to clean house. Those fake spambots helped elect crazy Joe and need to be stopped.

UPDATE: Thursday Night I received an email from Twitter while I was writing this piece. Suspended for a covid article. LOL An hour and a half later I logged in and I was not suspended. I did a test tweet. So I’m not sure if the article is still there or not, but hopefully Elon is making some progress. God Bless You ALL. Go get em Elon. We wouldn’t want the bots reading the truth. In case you are curious. This was the article they may have briefly suspended me for: 

At any rate. So far as I can tell that suspension lasted less than two hours. My bet is the temporary suspension actually came from me quoting Elon Musk and doing Thursday’s story about his comments. Who knows? We live to fight another day. LOL Notice that my first posting of this story didn’t get a single like or share (unless it happens after I post this…still waiting). I have 11,200 MOSTLY REAL followers. Hmmm… smells like a shadow ban.

Article posted with permission from Dean Garrison

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