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EMAILS: Clinton Allies ‘Believe The Obama Forces’ Committed Voter Fraud In ’08

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Two attorneys with close ties to the Clinton family believe then-Sen. Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign “flooded” the caucuses with “ineligible voters,” according to leaked emails.

Emails hacked from Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager John Podesta cites two attorneys and “old friends of the Clintons,” James Lyons and Michael Driver, tasked with “caucus protection, election protection and to raise hard $” for the 2016 Colorado caucus.

Apparently, Lyons and Driver didn’t want a repeat of 2008 when, they believe, the Obama campaign “flooded the caucuses with ineligible voters,” according to the email chain released by WikiLeaks. It’s unclear if they are only talking about the Colorado caucus or those in other states.

“High importance,” Podesta wrote to campaign staffers in a May 2015 email.

“I met with Jim and Mike in Denver,” Podesta wrote. “They are both old friends of the Clintons and have lots of experience. Mike hosted our Boulder Road Show event. They are reliving the 08 caucuses where they believe the Obama forces flooded the caucuses with ineligible voters. They want to organize lawyers for caucus protection, election protection and to raise hard $. They are not just Colorado focused and have good contacts in the region.”

Lyons is a partner at Lewis Roca Rothgerber Christie, and worked for former President Bill Clinton during the 1990s as counsel and a special advisor on initiatives in Northern Ireland. Driver is a longtime friend of the Clinton family and helped raise money for Hillary’s senate and 2008 presidential bid.

“Mike is likely to talk to WJC about this in the near future. Marlon and Brynne, can you respond to the org chart request and give them some points of contact. Marc can you reach out to them on the lawyer election protection issues,” Podesta wrote.

Clinton lost the 2016 Colorado caucus to primary opponent Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders by a nearly 20 percentage point margin.

Article reposted with permission from The Daily Caller. Article by Michael Bastasch.

The Washington Standard

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