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Establishment GOP & “Conservative” Leaders Form New Super PAC to Stump Trump

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Donald Trump has created a storm around the nation. Love him or hate him, the one thing that can be said about Trump is his ability to inadvertently expose the ugly head of the Republican Party snake. The GOP establishment and elites are so anti-Trump that they are willing to broker a convention, resort to Democrat Party tactics to keep out candidates who are not “establishment,” and join with people who disagree with their many political and policy issues to make sure Trump does not carry the Republican Party nomination.

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Establishment GOP and conservative heavyweights have joined forces to create a new Super PAC whose one goal is to “stump Trump.” Our Principles PAC formed to educate the public about the deadly threat to conservatism who should not receive the Republican Party nomination to run as president – Donald Trump. The group’s mission statement claims the Super PAC was “formed to educate and engage American voters about the men and women who seek our vote, and about the challenging issues they will confront should they get elected.”

Where was the cooperation between the establishment GOP and the conservative base after the 2014 mid-terms where the Republican Party “backstabbed” the very base they begged on bended knee to procure votes?

According to Breitbart:

Former Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell—who sits on numerous conservative boards, including the NRA, Club for Growth, and the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty—and Tea Party Patriots leader Jenny Beth Martin are two of the conservative luminaries working with the super-PAC. CRC Public Relations, well known for championing conservative causes, is running the media for Our Principles PAC.

On the establishment side, Breitbart News has already quoted a number of moderate establishment leaders who are organizers of the PAC or working with it, including Ron Kaufman from the Bush 41 White House and the Romney Campaign, former Rep. Vin Weber, former Republican Party Chairman Mike Duncan, as well as Romney deputy campaign manager Katie Packer (heading the PAC) and Hewlett-Packard CEO Meg Whitman.

As a reminder, Ron Kaufman, former Rep. Vin Weber, and former Republican Party Chairman Mike Duncan attended a luncheon in Washington, DC to foment a plan to undermine, stop, and “stump Trump.” And, the Republican Party seeks to use Democrat Party tactics to keep a candidate who is not their own from achieving the Party nomination to run as president. Why anyone who identifies as conservative would throw their hat in to collaborate with the Republican establishment elite who stabbed the American public in the back is anyone’s guess. The enemy of my enemy is not necessarily my friend, proving establishment GOP elites will use any group for its agenda after spitting on them, then turn around and spit on them again.

But, the glue binding these people together is their fierce opposition to Donald Trump as the party nominee for president.

A torrential flood of ads targeting Trump unleashed by the Our Principles PAC are available at trumpquestions.com. “It’s headline ad is “The Trump Tapes: Volume 1,” a collection of Trump’s previous statements on immigration, healthcare, abortion, and guns, taking the liberal side each time, as well as statements of support for Hillary Clinton and Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA).”

Breitbart continues:

This is followed by more focused ads regarding Trump’s positions, history, or handling of issues. These include attacks regarding women and violence which have filled the airwave over the past couple days, as well as a class-action fraud lawsuit against Trump, currently scheduled for trial in federal court this summer.

Ken Blackwell, in an exclusive Breitbart interview, stated, “Trump is not a consistent conservative, if he’s ever been a conservative. He’s not a consistent Republican, and has previously aligned himself with other political parties.”

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Blackwell, who also served as US Ambassador to the United Nations Human Rights Commission, said, “Trump believes he can shut down houses of worship, have the government seize private property to give to private corporations, and order the U.S. military to target the civilian wives and children of terrorists, in violation of the Geneva Conventions and other treaties the United States joined in good faith.”

Oh Puhleease! Which one are you Mr. Blackwell – the pot or the kettle? No elected Republican to both chambers of Congress has been a “consistent Republican” or what the voters know should be a consistent Republican. And, if aligning one’s self with other political parties is a disqualification, then get busy taking down every Republican in the House and Senate, starting with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and House Speaker Paul Ryan.

According to Blackwell, Trump believes he can “shut down” places of worship. From where many Americans sit, it sounds like Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Soebarkah, whom the Republicans have bent over backwards to kiss his … whiney hiney. The government already seizes private property to give to private corporations as many ranchers and miners have been forced off their property by the BLM and other alphabet agencies under Obama while the Republicans, again, kissed Obama’s whiney hiney. Hussein Soetoro already uses the “power of the drone” to target terrorists and thinks nothing of the collateral damage of civilians – it’s all in a day’s work of assassination for him. Yet, the duly elected Republican Party office holders “don’t give a ****” according to one Markwayne Mullins.

This is hypocrisy at its best. When a GOP establishment party member or Obama does these things, the actions get a yawn, a stretch and a perfunctory TV appearance to fake outrage. A GOP outsider “believes” he can do those actions, which America has seen Obama do it and go unchallenged, and the forces amass to “take him down.”

Blackwell didn’t stop there. He continued.

But there are also the things we don’t know. There’s evidence of Trump’s rejection of conservative principles that Trump is concealing from the American public. He tells the American people that he’s now a conservative. But what’s his top issue there? Immigration. Yet we hear reports that he told the editors of the New York Times in an off-the-record exchange that he doesn’t mean what he’s telling GOP voters about building a wall and deporting illegals. His rivals have called on him to release that tape. He refuses. What if those reports are true? If so, then conservatives who care about immigration are being defrauded. Voters deserve to know the truth before he becomes the nominee.

Focusing in a “nation changing issue,” Blackwell added:

Yet another issue is the Supreme Court. Blackwell notes that on the campaign trail Trump mentioned the names of two conservative judges offered by a knowledgeable advisor as ones he would consider for a Supreme Court nomination, but the reality is that in decades of fierce fights over the nation’s highest court, Trump has never lifted a finger to support good judges or oppose bad ones. Instead, the only judge he has previously supported was his sister, a judicial activist who says that restrictions even on partial-birth abortion are unconstitutional.

Pointing to an article he coauthored today on the Supreme Court with arguably the foremost leader of constitutional conservatism living today, former Attorney General Edwin Meese, Blackwell points out that from gun rights, to the EPA, to religious liberty, to the War on Terror, the Supreme Court this election is “the whole ballgame,” and Republicans cannot give the power to nominate those justices to someone with no past record of supporting conservative judges.

The ultimate “kicker” from Blackwell is when he stated, “Folks in the conservative movement—not only leaders, but millions of everyday Americans—have the right to send Trump through the washing machine. They deserve to know what he’s really all about before giving him all the powers of the presidency, making him the most powerful man in the world.”

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Again, I am not a Trump supporter; however, the hypocritical actions and fierce rejection of Donald Trump is wrong. Where was their concern for the voters in 2008 when a virtual unknown community organizer that spent fewer days at work in the Senate than a school year for a child ran with the public knowing very little about the man? In 2012, where were these people in highlighting the treasonous, criminal, corrupt actions of this same unknown, ineligible man seeking a second term? Granted, the man wasn’t in their own party, but they were busy backing losers – one, who even took a “photo-op” with a terrorist, and cared not if voters were informed or not. This “establishment” even went so far as to smear Herman Cain, a black conservative who could have beaten Obama, in order to put “their man” in the running.

The “establishment GOP” and these “conservatives” have very little room to wiggle. Republicans have “waved through” Obama nominees for Supreme Court without a blip on the radar registering any conservative stance. The same thing happened with the Department of Justice, the EPA, and all other individuals Obama nominated for department heads. With the backing of “losers” for the last two presidential elections, Republicans “gave the power to nominate those justices to someone with no past record of supporting conservative” anything. Moreover, Republicans have failed to deal with the numerous scandals and corruption surrounding the administration. Lois Lerner remains free with a hefty, taxpayer funded pension and Hillary Clinton is in the running for the White House.

And, where is their fierce “background” examination of all other Republican contenders for the nomination?

Just as many Christians have a “sinful” past, they shed that past to walk anew after submitting Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Many people who previously supported the liberal ideology have turned to embrace conservative principles and the principles upon which this nation was founded. Many “closet liberal progressive socialist/communist Democrats” sit in both chambers of Congress as Republicans. They are known as RINOs. Yet, the establishment GOP allows these “turncoats” to sit in the party unchallenged. Still, the focus is on Trump and his past despite the poor “past” and records of many a Republican.

This new Super PAC and its members are not concerned with true conservative or constitutional principles. If they were, these people would be running RINOs out by the droves, opposing the dictatorial Hussein Soetoro at every turn, and performing their constitutional duty, as outlined in the Constitution, regarding presidential nominations for positions and impeachment. What these people are doing is trying to secure the “status quo” despite it being rejected by their voter base and others sick of government overreach. The Republicans have adopted the same mantra for the people as Obama adopted with Congress – it’s my way or the highway.

As a reminder, every member of the House is up for reelection in November – Republican and Democrat alike. Republican establishment knows what they have done and why the people are rejecting their “chosen ones.” The fact is the establishment doesn’t care. They are “all in” when it comes to moving this nation toward destruction. If that means destruction of the party, they are willing to suffer that loss temporarily and hand Democrats a win.

The question remains, “What are the people willing to do about it?”

*Article by Suzanne Hamner

The Washington Standard

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