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Fake News CNN: Are President Trump’s Tweets Dangerous?

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Editor’s Note:  Not any more than the lies CNN tells and the fake news it fabricates.  These guys didn’t even know that John McCain was questioned about his eligibility to be President because of where he was born and then they had the audacity to race bait the issue of Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Sobarkah’s ineligibility because of his birth certificate.  Seriously, Joe Messina should have pulled out his smartphone and showed CNN their history of fake news and how dangerous that is, videos and all.

Our good friend Joe Messina was a guest on CNN recently making a valiant effort to defend our President from the wolves at CNN.

The main question that came up during his time on the air was, “Do Trump’s tweets have real time consequences?” The insinuation being that the President’s tweets could actually be damaging our Republic and our world.

Of course, the idea is preposterous, as there is NO EVIDENCE that any Trump Tweet has ever caused any real trouble. But, since when does the media care about accuracy in their reporting?

Watch as Joe Messina derails the narrative and explains why the President’s Tweets are really no big deal.

Article posted with permission from Constitution.com. Article by Onan Coca.

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