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Fifth Grader Kid Terrorists Accused of Planning to Blow up a High School

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UPDATE: The original story has been updated on this to now say it was four kids, even though the html link still says five, and within the same updated local news story a few paragraphs later it still references five kids even through the headline now says four.

Other outlets are reporting this incident involved four girls and a boy, while WABC claims it is four boys and a girl. Other outlets say two of them were girls. Now it’s only four kids total.

The details below have been left intact from the first mainstream media reporting of the incident, but it’s changing every other few minutes depending on what outlet you reference. Probably just an additional story to scare the crap out of people following the announcement that San Bernardino was a terror attack, to drum up more support from Americans for war against ISIS.

* * *

What is going on right now? It’s like the entire nation has gone completely insane.

According to WABC7, five 10 and 11 year olds have been accused of planning to set off a bomb at Clifton High School in Clifton, New Jersey, during an assembly yesterday.

All of the kids involved, four boys and a girl, are fifth graders at Clifton Elementary School #11 where teachers found written plans for the attack. The “explosive device” the kids were going to use was harmless, an Altoids tin filled with vinegar and cinnamon sticks, but authorities are taking the threat a lot more seriously than a prank.

Although no charges have been pressed at this point, the kids have all been suspended. Parents at the school were not notified of the event until today.

File this one alongside the rest as proof America is decaying from the inside out.

*Article by Melissa Dykes

The Washington Standard

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