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Parents Shut Down School District from Promoting Jazz’s Transgender Confusion to 6-Year-Olds!

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On a Friday a couple of weeks ago, parents in Mount Horeb, Wisconsin were surprised to learn that their children would be forced to sit under transgender training in their local elementary school. The parents learned that the district would be allowing transgender activists to indoctrinate their children on sexuality just one school day later (the following Monday), and if the parents were concerned they should contact the district (which would of course be closed over the weekend).
Needless to say, the parents of Mount Horeb were shocked and dismayed that the district would so blatantly misuse their trust.

If the district thought that they could get away with their scheme to indoctrinate the children, they were quickly proven wrong. While the parents had less than one business day to act, act they did. Concerned parents contacted Liberty Counsel to intervene on their behalf.

Liberty Counsel drafted an email and sent it offto the Mount Horeb School District, warning them that continuing forward with their plans would open them up to a wave of litigation such as they’d never seen before.

From Breitbart:

The Liberty Counsel letter charges the announcement to parents “appears designed to catch parents off-guard, to prevent them from opting their children out of this reading and subsequent discussion.”

The book was to be read to first graders, which would largely include six-year-olds, “under the guise of ‘anti-bullying, ‘diversity’, and building a ‘safe and nurturing environment,’” according to the Liberty Counsel letter. 

 I am Jazz is a picture book intended for small children that tells the life-story of a boy, “Jazz Jennings” from the age of two and how he “transitioned” to be a “girl.” Jazz’s parents have raised him as a girl and allowed him to have drug and hormone treatments that both inhibit his growth as a boy and encourage the growth of female breasts.

Jazz says he hopes “the book can go into schools and teachers will read it so everyone can learn to accept one another and everyone can be happy.”

Jazz Transgender

Liberty Counsel is deeply concerned about this impending violation of civil rights, and if this request is ignored, will be tracking in which classes this book is read, and who reads it. If harm results to children, including gender confusion, violations of restroom privacy, or other harms, all options will be explored,including a federal lawsuit against teachers and staff in their official and individual capacities for violation of parental rights.

While the school district seems to have backed down for now, expect to see stories like this happen more and more in the coming days. The liberal cultural activists are winning the fight for America’s soul, and they aren’t going to slow down just because some lawyers threaten to sue. We need to be vigilant and proactive in our efforts to protect our children from the immoral god-haters who are constantly searching for new ways to pervert our children and destroy our civilization.

*Article by Onan Coca

The Washington Standard