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Fired Google Engineer James Damore: Leftists Can’t See the Echo Chamber They’re In

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“If you’re a progressive, sometimes you don’t even see a progressive echo chamber, because you just think, ‘oh, that’s how it should be.’” — Fired Google Engineer James Damore

James Damore had more than his fair share of fame last month when the anti-feminist document he submitted went viral and caused an uproar in Silicon Valley.

In the days following his release of that document, Damore would lose his job and become a pariah on the left.

Since then he’s become an ambassador for free speech and a “prophet,” of sorts, to the left warning of the dangers of leftist naval gazing and virtue signaling.

Damore argues that the left is so entrenched inside their own echo chamber that they cannot fathom the possibility that other well-meaning people might actually think/believe differently than them.

In an interview with Dave Rubin, Damore explains how the entire debacle unfolded:

“I sent it to this one email group called ‘Skeptics.’

And I thought skeptics would be rational, they’d be able to point out holes in my argument. I want to be wrong — because if I am right, than there is something bad happening.

Please tell me how I’m wrong.

And that was not what their response was.

They said: ‘This is crap.’ ‘What are you doing?’ and it eventually just exploded from there.

H.R. and some of the higher level execs started sending out emails saying they knew about this document, but don’t worry it is horrible and harmful, don’t look at it, this is not what Google stands for.

Obviously, if you tell someone this is harmful, they’re going to look at it.

Also there were a ton of memes in the company talking about how horrible this was, and blasting me as a person…

There was even someone who emailed me directly and said I was a horrible person, a misogynist, I’m going to hunt you down until you’re fired or I’m fired… Which means that maybe he knows that H.R. isn’t going to do anything… They said to work from home… And they eventually just called me, Monday night, and said James, you’re being fired for perpetuating gender stereotypes… They were probably afraid I would have some kind of outburst…

I had pointed out multiple ways that there was harassment in the workplace [and even legal violations in Google’s hiring practices]…

As far as I know, and according to [Google] policy, you can’t use someone’s protected status (their age, race, or gender) when you’re determining hiring or other employment critical situations, but we do.

We treat different candidates differently, and when someone is going up for a promotion, they may be treated differently.”

Damore continued by explaining that there was a law suit against Google moving forward and he cited one example of a Google employee who was fired for not attending a sodomite pride parade.

Damore quickly added, “I’m of course for gay rights, but someone didn’t want to go to a gay pride parade, and they got fired for that. It is like, a little too far.”

Rubin was astonished, “That is literally true? Someone at Google said they didn’t want to go to the gay pride parade, and they got fired for that?”

Damore’s responded: “At least according to them. We’ll have to look into it more. There have been multiple cases like that where if you don’t agree with the progressive ideology, than you’re discriminated against.”

Damore also appeared on the Joe Rogan Experience, where the conversation was a little more colorful but no less revealing:

Article posted with permission from Constitution.com. Article by Onan Coca.

The Washington Standard

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