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Flip Flopping Governor Running Former Senator Dr. Scott Jensen – Just Another Politician Gambling With Our God Given Rights (Videos)

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“I would try to ban abortion.” -Scott Jensen. He meant that. He is lying now. This man is a liar and cannot be trusted with this important health issue. -You Tube Post

Boy-o-boy, if you want to talk about a self-inflicting wound on the issues that matter the most to Minnesotans, no one does it better than former Senator Dr. Scott Jensen.

He is another typical politician doing and saying what needs to be done and said to obtain the desired end in the great state of Minnesota while gambling with our God-given rights (Mark 8:15).

If it is not flip flopping on the 2nd Amendment concerning the God-given right to bear arms, it is his promise to abolish abortion (Proverbs 6:17)… at least until the issue just got too hot for Scott to handle.

As a matter of fact, if you take the time to watch the video below, I believe that you will find it to be as self-inflicting, hypocritical and contradictory as you have ever seen from any politician.

Scott said that he has delivered 500 babies in his career.  “Abortion is divisive and Tim Walz is weaponizing the issue,” he said.

“In Minnesota, it’s a protected, constitutional right and no governor can change that,” Jensen added.  “And I’m not running to do that.”

It’s NOT a constitutional right! Scott Jensen is merely playing up to the people by parroting what is not true (Exodus 20:13).

“The Constitution contains no right to abortion.” -US Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia

Scott goes on in hypocrisies.

“I’m running because we need safe streets,” he said.

Who will occupy the streets if the children are murdered before entering into this world?

Scott then says that we need excellent schools.  Excellent schools for what?  The children have been murdered through abortion.  After all, Scott said that it was a protected constitutional right.  Yet, as I said, we just can’t find in the Constitution that government has a right to kill innocent babies.

Then he says he will fight for parental rights.  Parental rights, really Scott? The parents have never lost their right. The state has no children.  What is Scott talking about here? Scott is doing nothing but circumventing the very illegal and unconstitutional issues that he should be facing off against (Psalm 78:9).

Scott takes it to another level of hypocrisy by saying that it will put more money in the family budget. The family budget that has no children? Scott says that’s what he will fight for.

Then, in the video, he looks down on the baby in his arms and says “Let’s focus on the issues that matter.”

WHAT is this guy conveying to the people Minnesota? The baby’s life doesn’t matter.  Yet, everything else does that applies to that baby in his arms.

Friends, I have never seen anything like it in all of my life.

(Look at the responses of the people to this add)

Scott Jensen is a diplomatic (Seduction in another guise) compromiser (Where two men agree on what they both know is wrong) seeking office at any price, even if it means stepping over the very issues (Lives of the babies) that he should deal with when it comes to the life of an innocent baby.

Apparently, Scott thought people could not see right through his deceptive ways (Romans 1:22), which is better for us to see before than after he were to win office.

Friends, if he will flip flop on the constitutional issues that all of the said representative government should be holding up, what else will he flip flop on when it matters the most?

Scott needs to understand that the people of Minnesota don’t need another round table talk.  They need a representative that will live up to the oath that they have sworn to uphold by addressing the laws of our constitutional republic (Article IV, Section 4 US Constitution) in condemning the very crimes that are leveraged against We the People’s Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Article posted with permission from Sons of Liberty Media.  Article by Bradlee Dean.

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