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Florida Corruption: What’s Been Allowed In Lee County Under The Watchful Eye Of Sunshine State’s Governors

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If you have been following my ongoing investigative series concerning Lee County, Florida, Lee County Sheriff Carmine Marceno and Florida citizen Deanna Williams, then you know there is a ton of corruption in Lee County.  From its judges to its attorneys and other attorneys in the state, to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) to the governor’s office.  There simply is no question in the matter of this, especially after I dropped the bombshell report on the sheriff using a publicly owned website to perpetuate a lie about himself and the governor’s office and FDLE having absolutely no comment.  However, if you have not caught up to speed on just how intertwined the corruption is, allow me to break it down in a short presentation.

My former broadcast partner, Jim White of North West Liberty News, interviewed me on Wednesday about the latest revelation that Lee County Sheriff Carmine Marceno is a fraud, and in more ways than just his claims of education.  However, I took the time to explain why I investigated the claims of Deanna Williams and the judicial system in Lee County, and tied it to why she is in a position now that Marceno is charged to arrest her.

Before I post the video, I want to make one thing very clear in all of this:  One person has already died as a result of this corruption, and people simply do not understand the life of Deanna Williams that hangs in the balance here, literally.   Sheriff Marceno was the father of her unborn child after he pursued her instead of a grand theft criminal investigation she brought to the LCSO.  He demanded that she murder the baby to save his career, but FDLE whitewashed it just as they apparently have his past “police” history and an investigation into former Sheriff Mike Scott and Marceno.  The FDLE’s standard of ethics means absolutely nothing in this matter as they have so aptly demonstrated.

By the way, Governor DeSantis, Attorney General Ashley Moody, FDLE, and even radio talk show host Sean Hannity, who referred to Marceno as his “good buddy,” know all of this and aren’t saying a word even though they have been provided the evidence and the lack of actually dealing with this corrupt sheriff.  Instead, by their silence, they are complicit in his corruption and, as I will be reporting, his crimes, as well as the corruption of the judicial system in Lee County.

With that said, Ms. Williams simply needs an ethical lawyer to deal with at least one corrupt and criminal judge, one judge who just wants things to move along to the point that he didn’t even know what the case was about concerning Ms. Williams, attorney Gloria Allred for failing to pay the attorneys Williams hire previously in her rape case, attorney Scott Mager for injecting himself into a case in which he had absolutely no interest, and a sheriff who unethically pursued a victim and a person of his county reporting a crime so that he could fulfill his lusts and drop the criminal investigation she trusted him to deal with on her behalf.

If you are an attorney and can help her, please feel free to contact me by clicking here and I will provide her your number so that you can represent her.  If you are able to help her secure an attorney, which requires a $15,000 retainer, please consider giving at her GoFundMe page by clicking here.

There’s more to come…

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