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Former MCC Inmate: “No Way Jeffrey Epstein Could Have Killed Himself”

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A former inmate in the Manhattan Correction Center where billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein was being held awaiting trial for charges of human trafficking, says that is absolutely “no way” Epstein could have killed himself.  The former inmate made the statement with confidence after having intimate knowledge of how the cells are constructed, and with the few things that have been leaked with reference to the Epstein autopsy, it seems pretty clear that if it truly is Epstein in the morgue, then he was murdered.  He didn’t take his own life.

Clearly, Epstein could have ratted out a ton of people regarding his underage sex slave operation.  Some already have been in court documents, and everyone knew, whether they were on the “right” or the “left,” that Epstein’s life was in danger.

The New York Post was provided information by an ex-convict and former inmate of MCC, who spoke under condition of anonymity and had spent months in the 9 South special housing unit for high-profile prisoners awaiting trial, just like Jeffrey Epstein.

“There’s no way that man could have killed himself,” the former inmate said.  “I’ve done too much time in those units. It’s an impossibility.  Between the floor and the ceiling is like 8 or 9 feet. There’s no way for you to connect to anything.”

Keep in mind that NYP also reported, “The convicted pedophile, who was 6 feet tall, apparently killed himself by kneeling toward the floor and strangling himself with the makeshift noose, law enforcement sources said Monday. ”

Obviously, no one is buying that.  However, the former inmate claims the sheets used are not that strong.

“You have sheets, but they’re paper level, not strong enough,” he said.  “He was 200 pounds — it would never happen.”

According to guidelines issued by the Bureau of Prisons in 2007, “Once an inmate has been placed on watch, the watch may not be terminated, under any circumstance, without the program coordinator or designee performing a face-to-face evaluation.”

However, we are told that Epstein was not on suicide watch any longer.  Who took him off?

We’re told cameras malfunctioned and police guarding him fell asleep.

Is anyone buying any of these lies?  I’m sure not.

More on the alleged “suicide” of Jeffrey Epstein:

“When you’re on suicide watch, they put you in this white smock, a straitjacket,” the former MCC inmate commented.  “They know a person cannot be injurious to themselves.  The clothing they give you is a jump-in uniform. Everything is a dark brown color.”

So what about this claim that he kneeled or that he might have used the bed or the room in some way?

“Could he have done it from the bed? No sir,” the inmate stated.  “There’s a steel frame, but you can’t move it. There’s no light fixture. There’s no bars.  They don’t give you enough in there that could successfully create an instrument of death. You want to write a letter, they give you rubber pens and maybe once a week a piece of paper.  Nothing hard or made of metal.”

The inmate also expressed the sentiment that the MCC is a terrible place with power tripping cops and he said: “God wasn’t in the building.”

There’s up to 80 people there. They could put two in cell. It’s one or two, but I’ll never believe this guy had a cellmate. He was too blown up.

The damage that unit can do to someone.

It’s like you’re an animal and you’ve been brought into a kennel. A guy like Jeffrey, it’s like, “Holy sh-t.”

I told my parents not to come there. God wasn’t in the building.

I’ve had some heavy incidents in the building. What happened is permanent.

Some of the guards are on a major power trip. They know guys there are suffering. They know something the rest of the world hasn’t seen, that a place like this exists in this country, and they get off on it.

If the guards see that the guy is breaking, they’re going to help you break.

“But it’s my firm belief that Jeffrey Epstein did not commit suicide. It just didn’t happen,” he concluded.

While at least one inmate claimed that Epstein’s death was a “silent act,” others claimed to have heard “shrieking.”

One thing we know, a lot of people are off the hook by whatever took place, whether it was a body double, a murder or a hoax, and despite what Trey Gowdy says, if anyone thinks that any one of affluence is actually going to be prosecuted in all of this, I’ve got some oceanfront property in Arizona to sell you.

Article posted with permission from Sons Of Liberty Media

Tim Brown

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