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Former Pfizer Vice President Michael Yeadon Claims COVID Variants Are Not More Dangerous – Shots Not Needed, Could Result In Mass Deaths

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Former vice president of Pfizer Michael Yeadon has once again reaffirmed the dangers of mass injections with the experimental mRNA jabs, but adding to the growing propaganda being put forth by the mainstream media, corrupt politicians and poison pimps like the Center for Disease Control, he claims that the alleged COVID variants being hyped are not that dangerous. Yeadon also warns about the outright censorship of both medical and scientific experts that speak out against the narrative put forth by the criminals pushing CONvid-1984.

Here’s his interview with Taylor Hudak.


Yeadon points that those over the age of 70 remain those vulnerable to the coronavirus, but those under have the same risk as the annual flu. He even suggests that he is at more risk from riding his motorcycle than from COVID at age 60.

Yeadon is also concerned with young people getting experimental shots, as well as pregnant women and children.

“Trying to persuade pregnant women in their 20s to be vaccinated: What kind of unethical monster does that?” he asks.

Yes, at least he’s got the right terms in use: “unethical” and “monster.” Can anyone say Bill Gates?

However, what is keeping Yeadon up at night is thinking about all the “vaccines” that are being rushed out in the name of “safety” to deal with the alleged “variants” and the evil intentions that are behind them.

“The variants are what some people call “scary-iants”, that they’re being used as a psychological operation, and I think there is something in that,” Yeadon stated. “I sarcastically call them the “staymiants” – because they’re really the same. All of the variants are so similar to the original, there’s no chance what-so-ever that you’re body will see them as anything new.”

He continued, “So with that as a back drop, isn’t it scary that politicians keep telling us about variants, and how we need to close borders and stop them moving around the world. And don’t worry, because we are going to make modified vaccines that will address these new variants. And some of the pharmaceutical companies are actually now developing “top-up,” or variant vaccines. But if Mike Yeadon is correct, and I am confident that I am, this is my strength, immunology, and what I have just told you is absolutely true.”

“They (variants) are so similar to the original, it is not just implausible, it is impossible, we would need new vaccines,” Yeadon added. “And yet we are being told they’re necessary, we’re being told they are manufacturing them. I am quite furious because I have this open question. What is in these bottles of ‘variant vaccines’?”

Yeadon then went on to explain, “The world’s regulators have said they are so similar to the vaccines that are already being used, but they are forgetting to tell us that they are only emergency use authorized anyway. But the regulators have said ‘we don’t need any clinical safety testing done on these variants.'”

“So if you combine my talk about vaccine passports, and how you’ll be compelled to or not to, whatever the operatives tell you, if you combine that with an opportunity to be told ‘go and get your variant vaccine,’ and the pharmaceutical industry can go and make whatever the hell they want, put it in a vial, and you’ll go along and be injected with it. My significant fear is, if somebody wanted to arrange a situation where mass depopulation could be accomplished, this would probably be a perfect way of doing it,” Yeadon concluded.

Yeadon seems to be of the same mindset that many doctors I have interviewed have and that is these injections have been rushed out, are a part of a massive planned depopulation effort and in the midst of it, a lot of people are getting rich while the world population is losing its liberty.

Article posted with permission from Sons of Liberty Media

Tim Brown

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