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How I found God in the Democrat Party

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By observing its response to basic cause–and–effect relationships, I found God in the Democrat Party. Moreover, I found God not in the fringes of the party, but in the main.

Reducing fornication reduces fatherlessness. In a sane world, the personal challenge of fornication avoidance would be aided by government recognizing the scourge of fatherlessness, which correlates with so many social pathologies. But fatherlessness is not stigmatized by the Democrat Party. It would seem that a political party for social good would recognize the natural pathological behaviors and stigmatize those behaviors. For a vice like smoking — which does not attack the balance of the social power vs. the state power — the Democrat Party overtly stigmatizes the ill. But for a vice like fatherlessness — which cripples social power as it correspondingly multiplies the state’s power — the Democrat Party is outwardly silent even as it inwardly incentivizes fatherlessness. “Fornication” and “fatherlessness” are the real f–words in the Democrat party. Despite the damage fatherlessness does to poorer and yes, less moral communities, the Democrat collective does not tolerate “fatherlessness” in their plank. Rail against such ills from within the Democrat Party, even subtly, and they will work to “cut your nuts out.” Like a good House Negro, Obama has learned not to sing the social power notes.

Next, let’s evaluate the economics of the Democrat Party. There are two ways to wealth acquisition. There is the economic means, where people apply labor to capital to trade and create wealth. Second there is the political means where one’s wealth is forcibly confiscated and given to another. Under the first means, wealth is not merely transferred, but is created. Profit, in the free market, is a measure of one’s service and self-sacrifice. In the free market, wealth comes only after giving in a faith-based system of service. In contrast, the political means to wealth acquisition is the basis for slavery and the income tax. Taxing income — and especially a graduated income tax — retards the creation of wealth. By separating Americans with ideas from Americans with money, the capital gains tax opposes the free market alternative to the state’s exploitive welfare system. Again, social power is thus destroyed. The political means to wealth acquisition opposes the natural teaching associated with wealth acquisition evident in the remark, “If anyone is not willing to work, then he is not to eat, either” (2 Thes. 3:10). The Democrat Party uncompromisingly insures that even if a man will not work — or has not worked to position himself for a livable wage — he nonetheless has the right to eat the fruit of another man’s labor.

In observing a sandcastle slowly being destroyed by natural processes, I found a third natural relationship stigmatized by the Democrat Party. Having a background in Physics, I mused on the relevance of the sandcastle’s deterioration to Leo Szilard’s discovery in 1929: That information is a thermodynamic quantity. Just as it takes work to create potential energy, so too Dr. Szilard discovered that it takes work to create information. The unnatural structuring of the sand grains upon each other in the sandcastle embodies information. As the sandcastle decays into a sand pile, this information is lost. Moreover, because of the Second Law of Thermodynamics, the total information associated with any interaction will always decrease or stay the same. Just as she wreaks havoc on sandcastles, roofs, automobiles, plumbing and even on our own bodies… Nature, if anything, is a destroyer of information. No natural process has been shown to create genotypic information. Were it not for collectivist group–think, the breaking down of stuff that we see in our daily experience would tell us that “devolution” — and not evolution — is the natural progression. The presence of massive libraries of information compressed into a cell screams that this did not coalesce by natural processes. Yet the Democrat Party supports punishing state science educators with the loss of a career for even publically questioning the insanity that no God, times no matter, equals everything. The Democrat Party’s leadership’s intolerance for teaching intelligent design or creationism in the state schools — and her intolerance for even questioning its ludicrous group–think evolutionary origins myth — reveals her opposition to the “self-eviden[ce]” from “Nature and Nature’s God.”

The Democrat Party supports the elective intentional killing of unborn children by means of dismemberment, acid baths and/or an injection of poison into the little guy. I did a little research and found that children are conceived by having sex. This product of sex is opposed with the stainless steel instruments and suction machines of the abortionist. While Democrats nod to these matters, they do not burden themselves to defend abortion by talking about the procedure itself, real–time ultra–sound, or the putting of the pieces of the baby back together on the operating table puzzle (to make sure you got all of her out). No, the talking points for this Democrat sacrament is, “We will never put ideology above women’s health.” But isn’t the life of a baby girl, who did nothing wrong, more than an “ideology”? The operative value is clearly sex for someone else to die for. In abortion not only do the Democrats abort children, they crush humanity in a brutal act of will.

There is a natural, organic cause-and-effect relationship to things. One would think that wise leaders would wish to structure their social organization in harmony with these principles. But in contrast to government, the state — as Nock reminds us — is an anti–social institution. Indeed it strikes one as insane to labor to deny and oppose cause from effect, so much so that further evils are committed to subsidize this.

Noting a collective, which…

  • even though these are banes of civilization, protects the stigmatization of both “fatherlessness” and “fornication”
  • while noting the evidence of the inability of natural processes to generate even a single instance of genotypic information, nonetheless protects an anti–natural law group–think proposition — only subtly different from “nothing times nobody equals everything” — from being intellectually challenged
  • like the Crips and the Bloods, celebrates the denying of the fruits of one man’s labor and its forcible uncompensated reallocation to another who did not earn it
  • even though the killing is 100% avoidable, celebrates the intentional killing in elective abortion 

…leads me to think that this collective does not intrinsically suffer from virtue or intelligence per se. Rather these are postures of naked will which suggest the Democrat Party cares little about virtues or even people. The Democrat Party’s war on these organic cause–and–effect relationships are a proxy for their war on God. One does not betray an ocean of virtue, humanity and reason to war against Satan. It could only be God that the Democrat Party so loathes.

By studying the self–professing agnostic, humanistic collective which guides the Democrat Party, I found that they were not agnostic at all. These folks are theists of a striking bent.

I have found God. He is the object of the Democrat Party’s untrammeled fury.

Article by Pieder Beeli

The Washington Standard

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