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GEORGIA: One Batch of 23,000 Fraudulent Ballots All For Biden – More Than Enough To Overturn State

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Another smoking gun — this is now embarrassing.

The world is watching.

HUGE: One Batch of 23,000 Ballots All For Biden Identified in Georgia That Were Fraudulent – More than Enough for Trump Win

President Trump was up by over 100,000 votes the morning after the 2020 election.

By: Gateway Pundit, December 4, 2020:

Tonight a batch of 23,000 Biden-only ballots have been identified and determined to be fraudulent – removing these fraudulent ballots will give Georgia to President Trump.

In a twitter thread one individual compared the video to affidavits from people in Georgia:


Two affidavits describe a batch of Biden votes which were in pristine condition and perfectly made:

Poll workers saw votes that were all for Biden that could be easily identified:

These ballots may have been counted after Republicans were removed from the room due to a reported water main break:

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Open Records Request Finds NO INVOICES OR WORK ORDERS on Reported Election Day Water Main Break in Atlanta — Here’s What We Found…

Article posted with permission from Pamela Geller

The Washington Standard

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