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Get Ready for the Stimulus to Wreck the Economy

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The purpose of my articles is not to hype the doom and gloom. There are enough of those already. You have probably read a few. They can basically be summarized as, “We are screwed, the elite are going to do this, that and the other thing to us and it is the —–s fault.” I say —–s fault because it is whoever the author does not like. It can be the Democrats’ fault or Republicans’ fault depending on who wrote the article.

I write these articles for a multitude of reasons.  One of them is I hope by sharing some of the things I know, I can help you avoid some problems or suffering. When I was growing up, there were a lot of problems in my home. One of the things that helped me avoid making things worse was that I went to work on a farm for a man who once was an M60 gunner in Vietnam. Running around a jungle with a machine gun gives you a whole different world view.  The number of bullets he could put out made him the first guy the enemy wanted to make dead. That was understandable because he was going to make a lot of them dead, and it is how things go. You have to understand how things go or you will not know what to do.

I used to tell my daughter that he was the man who “would not let Daddy be stupid.” At 15 years of age, I had a hard time understanding that. The first day I worked there, I was baling hay in the hot sun. I was sure I could not take it, but I was too afraid to tell him. So, I figured I would eventually pass out, and then the ambulance would come and take me away from that misery. To my surprise, I did not die, and after the sun went down and we kept working, he finally said, “Well, we might as well call it a day, see you tomorrow”

I was too scared to tell him I was too weak to work there, so I just kept coming back. I worked for him for about 8 years, and he was one of the best friends I ever had. He is the toughest man I ever knew. He had to be, or war would have killed him. Actually, surviving war can kill you as well. I wrote about this in an article I wrote about my friend who shot himself in the head. I could never repay my friend for what he taught me, and for what he did for my life. All I can do is share it with you and hope it benefits you in some way. We have to pass it on.

When I ended up in the Army, many of the things my friend taught me finally made sense such as being stupid can kill you. Even worse, other people being stupid can kill you. I have a young friend that used to work for me. He is in the Army now, and all the things I taught him are starting to make sense to him. He is trying out for the Rangers so, he is going to learn what tough really is all about. I thought I was tough when I left the farm, but the Army showed me otherwise.

I realize this seems like a rabbit trail from the stimulus wrecking the economy, but it is not. It took me years to understand how my friend taught me to think. This is what I call a foundation for thought. I learned from my friend that you need to look at the big picture. If you only look at the enemy shooting at you, you will miss your stupid or somebody else’s stupid that will kill you.

That is where we are today. The government claimed COVID-19 was going to kill a huge amount of people. They said if we did not do what they said to do, even more people would die. A whole lot of people only thought of those few things. Now, we are going to need to deal with the problems that the response to the problem caused. We need to build our foundations for thought, or our decisions will collapse on the weakness we built them on.

Back on February 13, 2019, I wrote an article hoping to warn people of the problems we are having now. People need to understand economics or they will suffer. People also need to understand money or they will suffer. People are suffering and many businesses have gone broke and closed, not only because of their decisions but because they obeyed the government’s decisions.

I simplify things because they really are simple.  People make things complex to confuse you. When the government sends you so-called stimulus money, that money comes into existence as debt. They claim someone someday will pay that debt. That will not happen, but it is irrelevant to us now. We need to think of this, or we cannot fix this, or at least protect ourselves from this.

Suppose 5 of us are hungry and sitting at a table. We decide to eat a pizza. Our decision does not create a pizza. The government printing money and giving it does not create a pizza. The only thing that creates the pizza is people making the ingredients for the pizza, and someone actually making the pizza. The Federal Reserve can pontificate all they want about this and it will not change a thing, or the Treasury secretary for that matter. People will not make things just because the government prints money.

What has been happening since the COVID-19 shutdowns is a lot of people have stopped making things. Let’s apply that. Suppose now, 10 of us are hungry and sitting at a table. The government takes the first pizza sliced into 5 pieces and slices it into 10 pieces. They then tell us they doubled the food supply. Will the same pizza feed twice as many people? Of course not, and doubling the money supply does not cause all the food and products in the world to double either.

At some point, the economy will be just as hungry as we would be if we had 10 people eat the same pizza 5 people were going to eat. The Federal Reserve can pontificate all they want about this, and it will not produce one thing to eat. Working people make things. Scared people hiding in their basement thinking they will die from COVID-19 is not a future for prosperity, it is a recipe for starvation.

Now, you know why I started this article the way I did. Either your stupidity or someone else’s stupidity will eventually hurt a lot of people. It already is hurting a lot of people. The leading cause of death in Ohio for children 10 to 14 is suicide. A country that makes their future kill themselves will not survive. You better get ready, and you better do something. https://makeamericansfreeagain.com/take-action/

Article by Steve Richards

The Washington Standard

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