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GOP Chair Fakes Outrage at CNBC Over GOP Debate

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My Dad loves to tell the story of a man walking along the road who picked up a rattlesnake as an example of a life lesson. In case there are readers who have not heard the story, the short version goes like this.

A man walking down the road on a cold winter day saw a rattlesnake lying lifeless in the road. He approached the snake, determined it to be alive but suffering from the severe cold. Being a conscientious man, he picked up the snake, stuck it under his shirt to get warm and continued down the road. The snake warmed and bit the man. Outraged, the man asked the snake, “Why did you bite me after I saved you?” The rattlesnake replied, “You knew what I was when you picked me up.”

Evidently, this life lesson is not learned by everyone or it might be learned, but not practiced. The Republican Nation Committee Chairman Reince Priebus is complaining that Wednesday’s debate, hosted by CNBC, “was nothing but a crap sandwich,” and vowed the format of future debates will be reevaluated.

Speaking to Fox News’s Sean Hannity, Priebus said, “Oh! I can’t tell you how pissed off I am.”

Well, Reince, you knew what CNBC was before the debate was scheduled — a liberal news network in the back pocket of liberal progressive Democrats — so cut it out with the faux outrage.

Amidst the praise Priebus awarded to the GOP candidates in their handling of the situation, he told Hannity, “You know, these are people who put on a pretty decent show in the morning on CNBC. They did a debate four years ago that was a decent debate. Obviously, we had assurances that it was going to be straight up finance, which is what they do every day. And what was delivered was just nothing but a crap sandwich.”

The RNC chair, ready to throw in the towel should a Republican fail to win the White House in 2016, agreed for CNBC to host the debate knowing he rated the last one hosted as only “decent” and the hosts morning show received a rating of “decent” from his perspective. Evidently, Priebus expected CNBC to honor the “assurances” given regarding the debate topic. Again, CNBC, as well as the remaining lamestream enemedia stations, are left liberal, Democratic, Obama supporters, and GOP antagonists. Everyone knows it. Priebus knew it; yet, he feigns anger at the moderators and handling of the debate.

In response to Hannity asking if “liberal networks” would host Republican debates in the future, Priebus said, “Well, 100 percent true. I mean, CNBC is a little different. But, from here on out, I can assure you of that. And I guarantee you we’re going to make sure that CNBC isn’t hosting or moderating another debate with our candidates. There’s no doubt that MSNBC is not, obviously, hosting any RNC or candidate forums or debates.”

Reince, here’s a hint for you on this. NBC, MSNBC, CNBC, ABC, CNN, CBS — what do all of these have in common? Don’t think Fox News is any better either. Six corporate magnates own all the news organizations. Surely, after the first debate with the Trump/Kelly debacle, it was pretty easy to figure out how GOP candidates would be treated by any news outlet.

Priebus expects the news organizations and debate moderators to “put on a fair show.” Left liberal Democrats are pushing the criminal Hillary Clinton and Fox News hides in the “Bushes.” It should be obvious by now how certain candidates and Republican candidates, in general, would be treated. Besides, Priebus publicly claimed the RNC would “throw in the towel” should a Republican candidate fail to capture the White House.

Democrats were ecstatic to hear that revelation. You can bet they are working overtime to down the RNC and Republican candidates to secure a dominant, almost unchallenged, stranglehold on political power and control of government. Republicans serving in both chambers of Congress helped push the “agenda” along by their betrayal of the public after the 2014 mid-term elections.

Priebus can be “pissed off” all he wants, but America should see it for what it is — fake.

Hannity told Priebus that he could not blame him as the “bias and antagonistic debate moderators” could not have been predicted by anyone.

Really? Funny, after watching the first Republican candidate debate, I refused to watch any others knowing these debates would be “gotcha” sessions without any relevant issues being discussed or brought forth. Let’s be real here. It was CNBC and John Harwood, Carl Quintanilla, and Becky Quick. And, the lamestream enemedia relinquished its “fairness” when Obama “took the throne.”

Priebus, along with Hannity, know exactly what the climate is among the media regarding the Republican Party and GOP candidates. Yet, they can’t predict how these debates will operate and expect fairness after co-sponsoring the debates. That’s a large pill these two are trying to push down the throat of voters.

Here’s a suggestion for the RNC, Priebus and Republican GOP candidates. Quit picking up the rattlesnake (the lamestream enemdia) and putting it inside your shirt. You know what they are — tool mouth pieces for the left liberal Democrats and Obama. They will bite you regardless of how kind you are to them or how mild they are when at rest.

*Article by Suzanne Hamner

The Washington Standard

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