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GOP Chair: Party is Cooked if We Don’t Win in 2016

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In a recent interview with the Washington Examiner, Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus indicated the Republican Party would be “cooked” should the party not take the White House in the 2016 election. The entire interview is scheduled to appear in the October 26th issue of the magazine; however his comments suggest he is willing to relinquish the Republican Party’s national spot should the party lose the presidential election in 2016. Priebus hinted at this as much in June of this year to radio host Laura Ingraham.

Here is what Priebus had to say about the party and the upcoming 2016 presidential race.

Our job as a national party is to elect Republicans, and it generally means House, Senate, presidential. We’re viewed at in a presidential year as the presidential committee that is responsible for helping elect the president, but at the same time, we have a responsibility to help pay for the ground operation in every targeted US Senate races and the targeted Congressional races as well, so it is our job to do all three.

However, I think we have become, unfortunately, a midterm party that doesn’t lose and a presidential party that’s had a really hard time winning. We’re seeing more and more that if you don’t hold the White House, it’s very difficult to govern in this country — especially Washington, DC.

So I think that — I do think we’re cooked as a party for quite a while as a party if we don’t win in 2016. So, I do think that it’s going to be hard to dig out of something like that. I don’t anticipate that. I think … history is on our side.

According to the article, the RNC chairman discussed issues surrounding Hillary Clinton and the “‘vastly improved’ efforts undertaken at the RNC, adding that the ‘whole picture’ looks good for the GOP in 2016.”

It speaks volumes when the chair of the Republican Party is just now figuring this out. Maybe Mr. Priebus needs a bit of information to help him along.

Reince, what took you so long to figure this out? Have you been so removed from the regular citizens of the party that you failed to consider what the public has voiced? Obviously, that is the case or you would have heard the countless criticisms and complaints going back a couple of decades.

You claim the “job as a national party is to elect Republicans” in both chambers of Congress and the office of the president. Reince, let me clue you in on a secret — putting any John, Mitch, or Marco in office with an “R” behind their name without having a consistent party platform that can garner support is moot. Moreover, look at whom the Republican Party chose to run in a presidential election in 2008 and 2012. John McCain, who is a traitor to his nation and a RINO, ended up being the “best” the party had to offer. Then, Mitt Romney emerged in 2012 as the “Party choice.” A man who could not even stand up for himself is expected to stand in support of this nation? Yes, Romney garnered votes; but, those votes were given in opposition to Obama, not “for” Romney and Republicans. Where was the challenge to reports of voter fraud and voter machine manipulation of votes? It was non-existent Reince, so spare the public the “woe is me” pity party and take responsibility for the disaster the party has become.

Speaking of candidates, Reince, let’s talk about how the Republican Party treats Donald Trump and Ben Carson. These two men are popular among the American public; yet, your party treats these men horribly. No excuse could justify this behavior. It’s unacceptable, no better than Democrats, Democrat Socialist/Communists, and certainly no better than what takes up space in the Oval Office.

Reince, where is the party platform? The Republican Party has strayed from its platform, attractive to conservative Americans, and engaged in the flip-flop game to pander to voters just to garner votes. Many of your “republicans” are “Republican In Name Only” (RINO) working against the Constitution, forming alliances with Democrats and corporate America, and shoving the American public to the side. These elements waffle in the breeze like a flag — they stand for nothing and cave to everything. Not a spine is found between them, unless it is to bash conservative members of the party and the constituent base.

Your party courts “special interest” minority groups while ignoring the larger base of voters that supported the platform the Republican Party now rejects. Where is the political party that supports, defends and protects the Constitution? Unfortunately, it doesn’t exist in Republicans or Democrats as both parties have trampled it along with individual God-given rights of every citizen of this nation.

Instead of whining, look at what has become of the party. The public views the Republican Party, as a whole, as just an opposite cheek of the same butt of Democrats. Why are you not looking at why that is the case? Granted, the party has a few shining stars; however, these individuals are hampered by the RINOs and establishment majority in the party. You, as chairman, evidently support this behavior. Republican Party members begged the public for votes in the 2014 midterm to stem the trampling of our Constitution, in essence to stop Obama. The party sold out, betrayed, and barraged the public with excuse after excuse for their inaction. The “establishment” Republicans are petty, vindictive, childish against those disagreeing with the “lead” position proving these individuals and RINOs are unfit to lead.

You say it’s difficult to “govern” without having a Republican in the White House. Well, have you even tried? From where many of us sit, Republicans in both chambers cave time and again to Democrat members’ threats, accusations, and name-calling, not to mention the snide, condescending jabs by Bacha Bazi Barry. How is it that a party led by ditzy Debbie Wasserman-Schultz can outmaneuver, out-think, and checkmate your party at every turn? It’s pretty simple — inept, incompetent and plain old bad leadership coupled with lack of integrity, dignity, values and principles served with a side of capitulation garnished with complicity. Face it, Reince. The majority of your party candidates in national office have been blackmailed, coerced and extorted into following the “Obama” train with your consent. Others in the party are clearly subterfuge Democrats. A small minority fight for the Constitution, but cannot make any headway for the “establishment” and RINO members.

Your party is a hot mess, Reince, made up mostly of traitors, dumb a**es, RINOs, closet communists/socialists, filled with dimwits, and dotted with a few good people who can’t burp without receiving backlash from leadership. The problem, Reince, is leadership in the party. Basically, there is none as everyone appears to “do their own thing” regardless of the “R” designation resulting in you declaring defeat in an interview with a “poor us” excuse. In other words, take responsibility for your failures as well as those holding office.

One can agree that the Republican Party is “cooked” — stick a fork in it ’cause it’s done. As it stands now, votes are only given to Republican candidates to say “our votes are against Democratic socialism/communism.” But, as has been experienced repeatedly, Republicans make promises then backstab the very voter base that elects them to office. Unless the “party” is willing to take a firm stand on a conservative constitutional platform that conservative citizens support and act on that platform accordingly and consistently, the party might as well stick its head between its legs and kiss its backside goodbye. What party do conservatives have to support? None, as both parties push aside the conservative base purposely.

It’s interesting this “revelation” comes at the time it does. Obama usurps more and more power with unilateral unconstitutional edicts. Hillary and Bernie mimic Obama’s power grab, unsustainable policies, and rape of the American taxpayer. Special interest groups and “movements” receive preferred status; Christians are marginalized and demonized, and citizens are shoved aside for so-called “refugees.” Both parties welcome any illegal alien invader and invasion force with open arms while chastising patriotic Americans concerned with rising crime, terrorism and an internal take over.

Instead of buckling down to see where the Republican Party has strayed, you are content to “throw in the towel” unless you can secure a Republican win for the presidency. Reince, are you really trying to blackmail voters to vote “R” regardless of the candidate? It certainly sounds that way. Could this be the reason behind the push to have Trump declare he would not seek the presidency as an independent? Are you really expecting citizens to buy further bull manure from the Republican Party? Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.

As they say, out of the ashes arise a phoenix. Go ahead and throw in the towel, Reince. You won’t though as you have “big money” and wealthy corporations stuffing the party and guiding what’s going on in Washington. It’s another ruse to garner votes and keep the status quo — “if we don’t get votes, we won’t exist soon.” But, it would be a great opportunity for a truly Constitutional conservative party to take the place of Republicans. One can only hope.

*Article by Suzanne Hamner

The Washington Standard

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