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Hey Caribou Coffee, Disciples Of Fauci & Other Mask Nazis…

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The other day, I had to go into the cities on business. I live in the country a few miles from a small town. We have a bigger town that is a 20 minute drive away.  So, I rarely go into the big metropolitan areas that are about an hour drive in multiple directions, depending on which metropolitan area that I am going to.

Anyway, out here, we call it going to the “cities,” which amuses some of my friends in the cities. They amuse me so, I guess we are even, but I mention it to lay our foundation for thought, as there is going to be a point to this. Many people in the metro areas like to think they are better than those of us out here in the country. Arrogance tends to be an illness that inflicts the stupid and usually, it prevents the stupid from being cured of their stupidity.

Usually, when I work as a consultant, I tell a business how they are losing money, and it’s why I charge a gob of money. I always point out that I am not costing my clients money because if they follow my advice, they usually end up with more money. Like one project I am working on now, where the client may end up with an extra $50,000.00 to $60,000.00 a year depending how well they implement what I tell them to do. However, whatever amount of money they give me is chump change compared to what I gave them.

I do not expect Caribou Coffee to follow my advice, but I hope my readers may be able to apply it to their life, and thus benefit. So, this is free of charge. Caribou and other businesses are beyond saving, and they are not worth saving, as they are bad for the community. Having all these franchises or corporate stores just suck money from the communities and send it to wherever the shareholders and corporate offices are located. Most people cannot understand how having a local business and keeping their money in their local communities benefits them, which is why the country will continue to suffer financially.

When I was in the cities, I decided I wanted a cup of coffee. I saw a Caribou Coffee with cars lined up in their drive through way around the building. I noticed it was empty inside so, I went in to get my coffee. I got in and the girl said, “Do you have a mask?” My response was, “I do not want a mask, I want a cup of coffee.” Her response was, “If you will not wear a mask, you have to use the drive through.” My response was, “I am not going to wait in that line,” to which she stated, “Then you are not going to get any coffee.” I then said, “Then you are not going to get my money.” This so amused me that I could not help but laugh in the poor girl’s face. Normally, I leave a $1.00 tip.  So, this poor girl just gave herself a pay cut.

This is why our economy is going to suffer the great reset. I know most people think the great reset is making billionaires even richer, but the reality is the great reset will be the economy forcing us to stop doing things we never should have been doing. You should never jump out of an airplane without a parachute. Today, people are stupid enough to think the free fall is proof that people can. The higher the height and the longer the free fall, the more people claim that someone can fly. Hitting the ground is proof that they cannot fly, and death is their reward for thinking they can.

Caribou Coffee and other companies like them are not capable of admitting there are facts of life. When I was young and children were a certain age, parents used to explain the facts of life. The facts of life are not only where babies come from or what makes you male or female. A fact of life is you cannot flap your arms and fly. So, if you claim to be trans-species and say you are a bird, and then jump out of your tree house, you may break an arm. The facts of life are also the things that make you a man or a woman. If you do not understand what that means, look around at the people that are still children, even into old age.

The fact of life Caribou Coffee needs to learn is that I am not paying them to command me to wear a mask. I am paying them for coffee and to be pleasant while they hand it to me. If they are not capable of performing such a simple task, I can solve the problem with a thermos full of coffee I made at home. For those of you that respond to every new order of insanity that the disciples of Fauci bark with a panic attack, fear not, you can actually be better off. The choice is up to you.

When I buy my coffee, I pay about $3.00 and usually leave a $1.00 tip. This may be only the second time some fool has harassed me about a mask.  So, I usually leave the $1.00 tip. That is $4.00 the cup of coffee costs. I drink two cups a day so that is $8.00 a day or $240.00 a month that I am willing to pay to support a local coffee shop. This is because I believe local businesses are good for the community. However, I also believe the disciples of Fauci barking orders at me are bad for the community. Any business that does this needs to go broke as soon as possible and shut their doors. Mask Nazis are a determent to society and they need to be removed from society as they are harmful to people’s mental health, especially the children. Go to America’s Front Line Doctors https://www.americasfrontlinedoctors.com/ and watch the videos about masks. These are doctors that actually look at science. You are nothing more than a disciple of Fauci if you do not listen to other doctors such as these.

If worse comes to worst and I have to make my coffee at home, let’s see how much I may suffer. I have my own well and a Berkey Water Purifier, so out of the gate I am better off than Caribou Coffee that has to purify that lousy city water. I know some people claim city water is better, but I use research and experience as the foundation for my thought process. Besides, I would rather control my access to water than need to trust a government for it.

Next, I have a friend who lives in my local town that roasts coffee. He has a small business and does a great job at roasting coffee. Think of the difference between a gourmet chief and McDonalds. This guy is the gourmet chief of coffee roasters. Buying local keeps more money in my community, and of course, he is not a disciple of Fauci.

I take this wonderful coffee and grind it at home. If the power goes out, I have a generator and I can grind it with my own electricity. I heat my water on my stove that runs on the LP Gas. The gas is stored in my large LP tank. The tank is filled by my local small business LP Company. I pour my water through my coffee cone and have a wonderful cup of coffee. As you know, I am not a disciple of Fauci so, there is no chance of me barking a foolish order about masks or other nonsense to myself as I stand in my own kitchen. I also have a Taurus Judge so, if someone comes by causing problems, justice will be served, as well as coffee.

Which gets served is entirely up to the person’s behavior that shows up at my house. What does this cup of blessed bliss cost me? About $1.00 depending how I price the LP and the electricity, which saves me $3.00 a cup. I drink two cups a day so that is $6.00 a day or $180.00 a month that I will save by not giving my money to Caribou Coffee. I instinctively knew this when the disciple of Fauci was barking her nonsense. She was like a little yipper dog barking at the herd bull on the farm.  Now, you know why I was laughing hysterically as I walked out the door.

I feel sorry for that poor little girl. She only knows what she was taught, which is not much. She is similar to most kids that have been harmed by the public school system. I recall one time when my nephew from New York said: “I can get anything I want 24 hours a day in New York City.  My response was: “If that chair right there was in New York City, could you get milk out of it like it was a cow?” His response was “No.” My response was: “So you can only get in New York City what those of us in fly over country provide for you. Why is that something to be proud of?” He had no answer.  However, his brother started sitting next to his uncle Steve and asking questions instead of smarting off.  Smart boy.

If the day comes where I can no longer get coffee or electricity or LP Gas, I will not sit and whine. I will walk into my field, pick enough nettles to last me a year, dry them, and start drinking Nettles Tea instead of coffee. Nettles Tea is actually very good and very healthy. I do not care if I have to walk down to the lake, get a bucket of water, carry it home, pour it through my Berkey, heat it on an open fire, and make my Nettle Tea. I am not going to be ordered around by a disciple of Fauci, or Fauci himself. If you obey a fool, you are a fool. As my coffee example shows, you will also be much poorer for it too.

Article by Steve Richards

The Washington Standard

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