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Hunted: Are You Seriously Prepared to Go on the Run with No Contact with Anyone?

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It isn’t hard to imagine a time when the lawless completely take over the system, and the defenders of the Constitution become the outlaws.

Dissidents, political enemies, patriots, the outspoken, the spiritual, the preppers and more could be rounded up in mass by a regime in the future. The scenarios are numerous.

What would you do if you were in the cross hairs of such a dark chapter in American history? Would you escape to your hideaway bunker, and put your survival plans into action?

The reality will be much more difficult than anyone has really imagined.

Today’s authorities have technology at their fingertips like never before in history, and right or wrong, they are likely to find almost everyone they are looking to apprehend.

Can you outsmart the state of the art in computer algorithms and surveillance technology that can now put together a web to predict your behavior and pinpoint your activities?

Dave, the Southern Prepper discusses his participation with a CBS reality show called “Hunted,” where preppers are challenged to go on the run for an extended period of time, while a team of experts pieces together information about those on-the-lam in order to track them down.

CBS describes the show this way:

CBS has ordered a new one-hour reality show, Hunted, that turns ordinary people into fugitives on the run.

Hunted challenges its contestants to go into hiding, while professional investigators attempt to track them down in a nationwide manhunt, using everything from cell phone records to determining behavioral patterns.

Watch the video:

Dave, the Southern Prepper said:

“What we were going to be challenging it as, in this country you can be labeled a political prisoner, or political dissident, really quick if you don’t believe what the establishment wants you to believe – especially being a gun owner, a Christian, a home schooler, a patriot, prepper, they can label you pretty much an enemy of the state.”

“It’s really not a prepping show, but it’s going to deal with, you know, grabbing your bag, or grabbing things out of your house. What are you going to need if you had to go on the run? Not for zombies, not from an SHTF event, but from the federal government and all their resources. Pretty much you have to disappear with no contact with anyone.”

“There’s six episodes from the British show [see episode one here], and if you watch that, basically anybody that used a cellphone really jeopardized themselves. Now some of the stuff they’re going to show is almost like a simulation. They’re not really going to use the ATM camera to watch you… they’re going to give you some debit cards to use so that the people on the run will have money.. Just like I would right now, if I went on the run I have a debit card.”

Dave says he and his wife came up with a plan for escape after doing quite a bit a research, concluding that it is extremely difficult to disappear in modern society.

“There’s so much information out there on the Internet, websites, Facebook, emails, phone calls. If the State wants to come and get you, you’re going to have to basically go where you’ve never gone before, never talked about it, and disappear.And really, hard to have contact with people because of the cell phone programs and the way they can spider and catch you by – you know, you might never have even called this person, but you have a buddy that called that person. They’re going to track all that down.”

“We need a committee, an escape committee, you could call it a fugitive committee to start figuring out – if you have to hide someone, like the Underground Railroad that hid blacks during the Civil War to get them out of certain areas – we as a group of preppers in this community need to have a plan.”

At the heart of the issue is the pervasiveness of data.

Ultimately, the Southern Prepper turned the show down, despite really wanting to be part of the challenge, and the desire to bring positive attention to the skills and politics behind prepping.

“You might say: Why didn’t you do it, Dave? The reason is that, this is pretty elaborate. They’re going to have to build a profile on me and my wife. So they’re going to have access to everything, everything I’ve ever done in my life. Just like the federal government. So everyone that’s emailed me potentially could be exposed to CBS and the new show. And I could not do that. For myself I couldn’t do it, and I couldn’t ask anyone else to put up with what I was doing. Because people email me in confidence, and I could never give that confidence away. So we had to decline.

The show, while only putting together a simulation, would actually be tapping his data and records to build a profile. We are so submerged in data, that there is no way to even separate out the game from the real-life game theory that is used to control us all. Watch the British version of The Hunted here:

Even second or third degree connections to a person can give away more than is prudent about like-minded individuals in prepping and patriot communities.

The premise, while thought provoking and fun (in the context of a reality show), serves as a potent warning about the potentials of modern data mining that threaten to keep us ALL under wraps.

Even if you have gone to great pains to stay off the grid, spend cash and maintain your privacy, those connected to you could reveal enough about you to put you back on the map – as a potentially suspicious individual who lives behind a cloak in the age of total tyrannical transparency, where the technology almost sees all.

Are you really prepped to hide if you had to? What would you do?

The question is well worth pondering as dangerous times lay ahead.

*Article by Mac Slavo

The Washington Standard

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