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If Red Flag Laws Stand, It’s One Step To Removal Of Due Process For All “Suspicions Of Threat”

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“I’m for taking the guns first and worry about due process later.”  This paraphrased quote from current President Donald J. Trump, issued just after the Parkland, FL high school mass shooting, set off a frenzy of attacks against firearms, with corporate retailers like Dick’s Sporting Goods pulling certain guns from the shelves to States enacting “Red Flag” gun confiscations laws.  Politicians, who were going to buck everything Trump wanted to accomplish, followed him on the bandwagon to disarm American citizens who had committed no crime based on the perceived “fear” of someone else.

Based upon the perceived “fear” of an individual, the unconstitutional gun confiscation laws allow a law enforcement officer to go before a judge in a secret court setting after receiving a complaint from anyone, without the defendant being present, to request a “temporary restriction order” to seize the firearms from the individual.  A hearing would be held at a later date, in some cases, for the individual to present his/her case to get the stolen firearm back from the government.  Anyone with half a brain can see the similarity to the movie, The Minority Report.

Right now, everyone is looking at this issue from the standpoint of infringing upon the God-given unalienable right of the people to keep and bear arms.  In the short-term, this is very reasonable – nip the problem in the bud before it takes hold.  However, despite the protests by the people, 17 States have enacted these unconstitutional gun confiscation laws and other States are slotted to enact these unconstitutional laws this year.  The State of Virginia has doubled down on their proposed gun control/confiscation laws since the protest on January 20, 2020.  While the lamestream government-controlled entertainment enemedia has kept citizens’ eyes focused on the kabuki theater of impeachment, federal “Red Flag” laws are in the works.

Many think these laws will not pass the Senate and if it does that Trump will not sign the bill.  However, the “pro-lifer” Trump, who spoke at the rally recently claiming support for life, signed every bill that hit his desk with a rider/addition funding Planned Parenthood, unconstitutionally, with taxpayer money.  Back on the campaign trail to secure nomination for the 2020 presidential election, Trump is back on the “I support the Second Amendment” bandwagon while States are rushing to pass and implement gun confiscation laws and others are seizing citizens’ property (firearms) without due process of law on frivolous claims – all based on Trump’s knee-jerk performance in front of the camera.  And, it was President Trump who initiated the “bump stock” ban with his “pen and phone” and BATF changed the definition of “machine gun” to cover any semi-automatic weapon that fires quickly, using a finger, belt loop, etc.  What has Trump said about it these “red flag” laws?  The crickets are loud with this one.  But, he’s on the bandwagon for supporting the Second Amendment, declaring “Democrats” and “liberals” are coming for your guns.  Hypocrite!

In truth, anti-constitutionalists, regardless of what unconstitutional “party” jersey worn, are coming for your guns.

If that isn’t enough, Trump and the Senate, in a vote of 89 – 10, signed away the sovereignty of the USA to a regional bureaucracy in the style of the EU through the USMCA.  Sold to the American public as a “better trade agreement” than NAFTA, the USMCA covers everything but trade.  This “regional” authority is the first step toward global governance under the United Nations.  It is the spitting image of TPP, with very few changes.  So, basically, Trump negotiated zip.  The USMCA is a plagiarized version of TPP.  Read it if you don’t believe it.  Yet, clueless Americans and blind supporters of Trump applauded this loss of USA sovereignty like the “whirling dervishes” seen in films of crazed Hitler cultists.

Moreover, while every lamestream government-controlled entertainment enemedia outlet and some “alternative” sites were focused on the congressional “WWE Smackdown” of impeachment, Trump signed bills reauthorizing the PATRIOT Act (anything but patriotic), NDAA, and other anti-American legislation.

If Americans do not wake up, and wake up fast, and act, the right to due process will be eroded for everything and anything.  In other words, a suspicion will find one in government custody for a “potential crime” with a minimal sentence, with due process being meted out later, if government decides to allow it.  You will be proving that you had no intent (key word here – intent) to engage in criminal activity while the government brown shirts will declare your suspiciousness as enough to jail you as a criminal serving a minimal sentence until a judge rules otherwise.  Don’t think there will be a fair trial either.  If what happened in the House and Senate surrounding the impeachment of President Trump, because the election of Trump went outside the box, doesn’t change court procedures, it will surprise many.  From the looks of some of the State’s gun confiscation laws, due process and “fairness” in a trial is discarded for “safety”.  A former spouse/significant other can issue an accusation, swear an oath in a court hearing without the other party present, and bingo, a law enforcement officer comes to take your firearms, forcefully if necessary.  Some of these laws do not even include notification of the affected person for the trial to prove innocence.  Even neighbors can issue a complaint resulting in violation of an individual’s rights.  A pattern has emerged.

Those anti-constitutionalists in the House attempted to control the trial in the Senate through anti-constitutionalists in the Senate by wanting procedures, rules and protocols changed to try and get something to stick to Trump.  If it can happen to a president, it can happen to a citizen.  With all the violations of the Constitution Trump and all his predecessors committed, there was plenty of evidence to impeach Trump and convict in the Senate.  But, that’s not what the parties did.  Instead, they invented “crimes”, impropriety, and other infractions to engage in an impeachment sham to flood the media with the new shiny to keep the focus off their criminal behavior.  Moreover, it established a precedent that someone can be accused, tried and possibly convicted, depending on the jury make up, of fabricated charges.

Think of it this way.  If the authorities in some States will not even investigate violations of the law by Sheriffs – all agencies pass it off on some other agency and so on until you are playing ping pong, those authorities won’t mind railroading someone who supports the Second Amendment and the natural right to keep and bear arms into the prison system on fabricated charges, innuendo, and/or government overreach.   The same goes for other inherent rights as well.

Simply put, the united States of America is moving toward a USSR style of communist government but with the illusion of having freedom.  Welcome to the Gulag, aka FEMA camps.

And, citizens have to face the fact that voting for Republicans supposedly to save the country from Democrats has failed because the Republicans have sold this country down the river as well.  Short are the memories of citizens.  During the Hussein Soetoro regime, Republicans practically begged Americans for votes to attain a majority in the Senate to match the House under the promise of stopping the runaway boy king.  But, things didn’t turn out that way as time and again the Republicans bent over backwards to let the boy king do everything except declare himself dictator.  It has ushered in the “rule by pen and phone” era.

Now, how many supposedly self-declared “constitution supporting and defending” House and Senate Republicans have boldly denounced the overreach by States on unconstitutional gun confiscation laws?  Twitter doesn’t count.  These are overreaches for sure.  It’s a “cricket brigade”.

Remember, the “party system” is unconstitutional and has led to an unconstitutional voting process and system.  Neither party is for the citizen – both parties are for the party.  How’s that working out for you?

The Tyranny Clock is counting down its last few minutes, after having a short reset with the election of Trump.  But, as out-of-control spending has continued, which has led to a steady increase in USA debt, citizens are losing the last vestige to keep freedom and thwart government thuggery.  All under the man who campaigned on “taking it to the people” – and people assumed he didn’t mean a “Twitter-fest”.  But, all citizens have had is a “Twitter-fest” president without any substantial information regarding legislation crossing his desk before being signed nor has he been forthcoming about signing reauthorizations infringing upon the people.  So much for transparency.

During this presidential election cycle, Trump pulled out his first campaign platform to regurgitate, saying “Keep America Great”, as he and corrupt, crooked politicians eroded sovereignty, moved to eradicate freedom and liberty, and infringe on God-given individual unalienable rights.

Truth be known, the USA is about five years away from collapse – our form of government, that is.  Through the mass illegal alien invasion on the borders, massive legal immigration, amnesty for illegal alien invaders already here, and release of dangerous criminals from the prisons into communities, the coming chaos, now that the USMCA is going into effect, will usher in rule by unelected bureaucracy, a negated one party rule Congress – all following the EU style “government”,  and heavy-handed government reminiscent of Lenin and Stalin.

The appetite for control possessed by those in government will never be satiated.  Their belly will always want more, which is what is being seen in some States creating additional gun control laws to go hand in hand with the confiscation laws to target more citizens through “mental health evaluations” instead of waiting for someone to report their fear of another to the pretended powers that be.

It’s obvious that no level of government has any fear of the people.  Why should it?  Those in government ignore a one-day protest, continue with their agenda, and the people continue on as they pat each other on the back for a show of solidarity that did nothing.  Northam and his goons doubled down on unconstitutional gun legislation as the people went home to continue their lives waiting for the hammer to fall.  And, fall it will as more and more States infringe upon the natural rights, God-given unalienable rights, of the people, following in the inglorious tradition of the federal government.

Someone somewhere said, “Sometimes it’s better to ask for forgiveness, than permission”.  Take that how you will;  but, it has come down to citizens asking “permission” from government rather than government having to ask for forgiveness and permission from citizens.  Unless the citizens of this country repent, gather some strength and fortitude to stand in unison for longer than a day, all will have to face the fact we lost the war when we refused to engage in battles when the war was easy to win.  Our government has been merged with Canada and Mexico under an unelected bureaucracy created by the USMCA.  Need anyone say more?

Article posted with permission from Sons Of Liberty Media

Suzanne Hamner

Suzanne Hamner (pen name) is a registered nurse, grandmother of 4, and a political independent residing in the state of Georgia, who is trying to mobilize the Christian community in her area to stand up and speak out against tyrannical government, invasion by totalitarian political systems masquerading as religion and get back to the basics of education.
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