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Infiltration Tactics & The Staged Dialectical Trap

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It seems we have arrived at the long-anticipated day so many Americans hoped would never come. Despite the abundance of information, the warning signs and the self-evident truth that something was amiss, the majority went about their daily lives believing everything was fine and that “it would never happen here.” Some even proclaimed that it wouldn’t happen in their lifetime while acknowledging the obvious dangers ̶ therefore, they believed they didn’t have to worry. Things are not fine. We are on the verge of yet another carefully orchestrated event that has the potential to change the country forever. The hard left has made their move and the patriots are responding in kind.

The tensions are building in Virginia as the Governor has declared a state of emergency. A fenced-in area has been built for the lobby day protesters to be herded into.  A so-called free speech zone if you will.

People on the ground are reporting that Antifa plans to attend the rally dressed up as Trump supporters intending to commit acts of violence against others posing as peaceful anti-gun activists.

There was also an ad for crisis actors on a webpage called Virginia is for Film Lovers that went out on the fourteenth of January.

All the pieces are in place for another false flag event designed to discredit gun owners and potentially, label us all as domestic terrorists.

This isn’t a crazy conspiracy theory.

Even Virginia state senator Amanda Chase is exposing this agenda.

Gun owners, veterans, Christians and anti-abortion activists have been considered potential “right-wing extremists” by the federal government for a long time.

The developing situation in Virginia, which surely will be televised for the world to see, is a stage show designed to demonstrate the need for gun confiscation by portraying American gun owners as dangerous and unhinged.

Many Americans, even when presented with hard evidence, will refuse to believe that the government, whether it be state or federal, would deliberately do this to their own people.

In May of 2012, the Obama administration passed the national defense authorization act which, to put it simply, legalized the use of misinformation campaigns directed at the American people.

This was a mere six months before the alleged tragedy at Sandy Hook, which many claimed was also a hoax to push gun control.

Sandy Hook was the first of many mass shootings to come, all accompanied by hysteric calls for gun control before any information was even released.

Another example of a staged even was the Unite the Right Rally in Charlottesville.

The man responsible for organizing the rally, Jason Kessler, was an Obama supporting Occupy Wallstreet organizer who allegedly switched sides after a so-called political awakening.

The event was designed to lure in right-wing Trump supporters and make it look like they were violent, uncontrollable extremists.

The man never switched sides; he was an agent provocateur.

Unfortunately, our government has a long history of doing this. In the 1980s, when the militia movement was strong, the FBI formed a group called the Veterans Arayan Movement for the explicit purpose of trying to recruit so-called right-wing extremists into committing acts of violence.

Despite believing that the right posed an imminent threat to national security no intent to commit violent crimes was ever uncovered.

They did, however, under the program name COINTELPRO, try to invent some.

In 1996 FBI agents planted bomb-making material onto the property of Georgia militia members, attempting to portray them as terrorists.

During the recent Oregon mining standoff, FBI agents were allegedly exposed posing as militia members and breaking into the local national guard armory,  trying to give the impression that right-wingers were intent on starting a violent revolution.

In 2017, the parents of a man diagnosed as schizophrenic exposed the FBI recruiting and grooming their son to commit a bombing at an Oklahoma City bank.

The man allegedly clung to the three percenter ideology that so many patriots identify with.

The parents claim the FBI knew their son was schizophrenic but drove on with their operation to frame him anyway.

These are just a few examples of what can be called infiltration tactics.

The protests in Virginia will undoubtedly be egged on by extremists posing as right-wing conservatives to justify a need for gun confiscation.

The goal is to create fear and uncertainty.

A sense of unease among our neighbors and friends that the man wearing an American flag shirt or flying his Gadsden flag is a potential extremist.

Worry over the man across the street who is commonly seen loading his rifle into the back of his truck for a day at the range.

More importantly, it is simply being staged to create the necessary chaos to get the ignorant masses to demand something be done to keep us all safe.

The trap of the Hegelian Dialectic.

Article posted with permission from David Risselada

The Washington Standard

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